TRC Weekly Bulletin – w/c 16th Oct 2023


Thursday Club Night Leaders

19th October : Walking – Val / 5k– Carol M / 10 min – Jerry C / 9 min – Ellen P / 8 min –Moray S / 7 min– Ben B

26th October : Walking – Val / 5k– Caron H / 10 min – Arthur R / 9 min – Lizzie W / 8 min –Hannah H / 7 min– Pete C

Tea Rota     

19/10 : Marion Dixon / 26/10 : Jerry Clothier / 02/11 : Paul Saville / 09/11: ????

(We need more people to step up to do tea ; you should only need to do it maybe once per year. Please see Arthur Renshaw 07810 300025)



    • Saturday 4th Gloc League XC Race 1 – Cirencester
  1. Club Night Runs in the dark

As it is now dark when we return from our Thursday run we strongly recommend that all runners and walkers wear a Hi Viz top and carry a head torch. Everyone please take extra care when running alongside and/or crossing roads and make sure you can be seen by car drivers.

Nathan is collating a guide for our new members of light torches “recommended by our members” If you’re happy with what you are using and feel it is worthy of a recommendation then please send an email with make and model to We will also use the feedback to get some club “spares” for our members to trial.

  1. Basic First Aid & CPR for runners – New Date tba

Hopefully this will be rescheduled before Xmas.  Look out for a new date.

  1. Cross Country (Gloucester League)

In a slight change to last year the running club will refund your entry fee at point of entry, so need to run the race and then claim. If you think you will be running 3 or more events it will be cheaper to enter all 4 races. Please send your email confirmations to Enter all 4 races for £25 is open now

  1. Saturday 4th November Cirencester Park
  2. Sunday 10th December Bath Uni (incorporating Avon Champs)
  3. Saturday 6th January Cotswold Farm Park
  4. Saturday 17th February Pittville Park


  1. Parkrun of the month 2023
Nov 4th Berkeley Green
Dec 2nd Thornbury

5. Local Races

  • The Doynton Half is now sold out.
  • Dursley Dozen Sun 18th February is open for entries.