TRC Weekly Bulletin – w/c 15th January 2024


18th Jan  : Walking – Val / 5k– Carol M / 10 min – Mike B / 9 min – Lizzie W / 8 min –Mel W / 7 min – Ben B

25th Jan  : Walking – Val / 5k– Nigel H / 10 min – Arthur R / 9 min – Chris P / 8 min –Moray S / 7 min – Nick  W.

(If you would be interested in becoming a run group leader then please see Captain Nick Williams for more info)

Tea Rota      

 18/01 : Colin Hunsley / 25/01 : Chelsea Carnall / 01/02 : Mark Rogers / 08/02 : Mark Wilkinson / 15/02 : Paul Reeves / 22/02 : tba



  • Saturday 17th Feb  Round 4. Pitville Park Cheltenham
  • Thursday 27th June 2024 19.30 The next TRC organised event – The Thornbury 10k


  1. Riverbank Rollick 2024.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think we can say it takes a Club to run an event. Thank you to all those involved with helping stage the Rollick this weekend. I would like to call out a few people in particular, whilst conscious that I will be remembered for the people I forget to include rather than those I thank! There were 8 section leaders – Jon Welsh, Ashleigh Davidson, Kevin Cundy, Ros Roland, Jon Hall, Mark Williams, Carol Mosses and Natalie Bennett. Thanks to ‘The Magnificent 8’ for all their support and for getting up really early to set up the course. Thanks also to Steve Dimond for help with the route and stables and to Arthur for the handover. Thanks to Emma for supporting me form 7:00 am to 2:00 pm in a variety of roles. A big thank you to Nathan who does an amazing amount of work behind the scenes on the systems and finances. Thank you to Roger Glew for the generous loan of his van, although I had hoped he would lend me his Porsche. Finally thank you to the 69 Club members and 5 family members who turned up on the day to stand in the sunshine to make sure all the runners had a safe and friendly experience. Feedback from runners was great and you made that possible.

Conditions were a perfect mix of mud and sunshine! We had 395 runners and all the results are here with the winner finishing in an astonishing 59:01! We had 5 club members who marshalled and ran. Ben Bohane finished 4th in 1:06:18 followed by Peter Cable 1:13:23, Ollie Brown 1:25:17, Sarah Blakey 1:34:59 and Sarah Newnes 1:53:21. Our ‘Cut off Runner’ Tom Witherbed and ‘Tail Runners’ Annie Green and Jerry Clothier rounded off the event in 2 hours 45 mins by supporting two ladies determined to finish.

Highlights were the person who ran the last part of the race in only one shoe and being able to commentate that ‘Tom & Jerry’ we running into the finish.

You might like to take a look at a short video of the start and the official photos.

  1. Cross Country (Gloucester League)

Check with the What’s App group or with Hannah Hamilton for the latest details

  • Saturday 17th Round 4. Pitville Park Cheltenham
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