TRC Tea Rota from November 2021

Many club members value the opportunity for tea and biscuits and a chat after the run on a Thursday. This only works if we have somebody willing to make the tea and unfortunately, we have had very few volunteers since we resumed meeting inside. To solve this we propose to go back to publishing a ‘Tea Rota’ on a six monthly basis.

This is an opportunity to give something back to the club and you will only have to do Tea on a Thursday once every two years!

If it is your week to be on tea duty and you cannot make it then you are responsible for finding a replacement. The initial Tea Rota for the next 6 months November through to May 2022 is accessible through the link to the Tea Rota -1 from Nov 2021 to May 2022 . The Tea Rota excel file attached has two tables – one sorted by Date and one by Name.

We have full use of the Fitness Suite situated downstairs in the Leisure Centre for Tea. This is a large room with double opening doors onto the path at the back of the Centre. Usually on a Thursday Val James will be at Club early to set up the Tea. We keep all the Tea stuff and biscuits in a cupboard in the Leisure Centre and Val and Arthur have keys to the cupboard. We have a Tea Urn in the room which is usually refilled each week by the Centre staff.

All you need to do is turn up at 18.50 with a litre of milk (may need to be 2 litres if we get more runners staying for tea) You will be responsible for the room security whilst the others are out running as people tend leave stuff such as their car keys etc in the room. Suggest you bring along something to read before everybody returns from about 20.10 then help clear up and you should be free to go by 20.30

Any questions on the Tea Rota or if you need the e-mail addresses of others on the list please contact Arthur Renshaw 07810 300025 /

Any questions about what to do if you are on Tea please speak to Val James.

Thank You for your co-operation.

Arthur Renshaw 28/10/21