The Results  are based on a photo competition rather than times for this year’s virtual edition of the Riverbank Rollick.

After many difficult hours of deliberation, TRC is pleased to announce the winners of the photo competition.

We have 5 prize winners, and these are (in no particular order)

  • Jonathon Flower – some great action shots in rollick worthy conditions
  • Melanie Monro – Coldest muddiest looking puddle
  • Fiona Evans – Best water crossing (complete with dog)
  • Pete Bartlett – Great race effort for some great pics
  • Angela Ashton (with Katarina Mhairi Branmer)  – Some happy faces, beautiful views and enough energy for a lovely double air shot.

These worthy recipients will receive their prizes along with medals within the next day or so.

We would also like to give a special mention to the following merit worthy photographers and Facebook posters who narrowly missed out on the prizes

  • Ingrid Broadbent and Sarah Vogan  – Super scenic snowy shots
  • John Grimsey  – seriously rollick worthy mud
  • Becky Anne  – Great soundtrack and some very cheery leggings
  • Chris Woolley  – some lovely artistic photos ( and not short of mud either)
  • Nicola Currel and Sue Dyer  – Beautiful photos of Weston pier and beach
  • LJ Pudding – Great effort in some icy looking mud
  • Natalie Parsons  – Hangover heaven

All of the photos are still open to view on our Facebook page where you can have a giggle and see just how difficult it was to judge the winners.

Once again well done to all our runners and to our competition winners and runners up

Thanks again to all who took part and we look forward to seeing you for a proper Rollick next year

For runners of all standards