Riverbank Rollick

The Thornbury Riverbank Rollick in January 2021 will be the inaugural:-

‘Virtual Rollick’

This will be run in support of this year’s two club charities –  ‘Made a Mark’ https://madeamarkcharity.com foundation which exists to ‘make memories for bereaved children and for mental health charity ‘CALM’ https://www.thecalmzone.net in memory of Thornbury Running Club member Liam Jones.

Entries for this event are through Race Nation Virtual Rollick 2021 – RaceNation (race-nation.co.uk)

Once registered you will be able to run the race distance of 9.6 miles in your own time between Jan 1st and 31st 2021 and log your time through the link you will receive.  To make sure that the spirit of the infamous rollick is not lost, we expect at least half of your run to be off-road and an acceptable level of mud wind and water. To this end we would encourage all participants to upload photographic evidence of rivers, dirty trainers, muddy faces or any other inspired pictures from their chosen routes on to our facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/832232717603098 to assure us that you have suffered appropriate and traditional levels of discomfort.

All participants will receive a medal for their efforts and whilst we will not be providing prizes for the speediest runners we will judge the photos received and reward the muddiest and grubbiest accordingly. 

We hope you all continue to enjoy the trails through these tough times and we all look forward to running together once again as soon as circumstance allow.

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