TRC News 15/05/20 – New guidance from EA.

England Athletics have released some new guidance in response to the changing Government policy. It is primarily to do with Track & Field and it has limited reference to our type of athletic activity.

You can read it for yourself here if you wish to but it doesn’t really add anything to what we already know! There are no dates on anything in the Guidance so we are no wiser about when we may return to meeting,running together (more than 2), or organised races.

Guidance for Coaches & Leaders a similar Statement

Guidance for Athletic Venues

Enjoy your read!

I will update you if we get anything relevant from EA.

There is a South Wet Club Forum (Zoom) on Monday night where I might find out what other Clubs are doing under the present lockdown regime. I will keep you posted with anything of note.

Stay Safe and enjoy the weekend weather when you are out for your run with your mate (2 mts apart though!)

Arthur Renshaw