TRC NEWS 09/04/20

There has been no change to the official position this week. England Athletics have cancelled all activities until 31st May.

Kevin Wood reports on a good take up of his April Virtual Challenge…..

Excellent to see so many of you have taken up the virtual challenge and doing great runs over the weekend. I have different challenges already planned for May, June and July! The more people who do the April challenge the easier this will be, as April will be the baseline.

Answers to a few of the questions:

1. Can I pick a route which is all downhill?
The route is up to you, if you live on top of a hill, go for it! For those choosing downhill routes in April … beware of future challenges!

2. What should I use for timing?
Use whatever you have, I will accept timing from whatever device you use. If you have several devices I will accept whichever gives the best result (e.g. Garmin and Strava seem to disagree on distance). This is run on an honesty basis. I don’t want to receive lots of screen shots to check. I may just ask a few random, or winners, for “proof”, but not everyone.

3. Can I amend my results once submitted?
Once submitted you cannot change. So if you run faster after submitting, well done!

4. When will I know the results?
Will try and do a live Facebook stream at 7:00pm on Thursday 7th May to announce the winners, and announce the May challenge.

5. Is there a league table?
No. To keep everyone motivated there will be no stats until the results are announced.

6. When should I submit my times?
Whenever you like before the close date. But no changes once submitted.

Looking forward to seeing your times…


For those of you who need reminding what this Challenge is all about the details are repeated below…

Use up 3 days of your allowed exercise by entering The Club’s Virtual Challenge devised by Kevin Wood.

Club Virtual Run April Challenge
• Age adjusted run series open to all club members
• Up to 3 runs: 2 x 5K and 1 x 10K
• To be completed, and all times submitted by, 30th April

3 female winners – Fastest age adjusted female @ 5k, 10k and cumulative for all 3 runs
3 male winners – Fastest age adjusted male @ 5k, 10k and cumulative for all 3 runs

Basic Rules
• You choose the route to avoid the public
• MUST be run alone and following all Government guidelines on social distancing
• Measure and record using Garmin and / or Strava
• Send you name and times to to enter the event

Detailed Rules:
1. All runs must be completed individually and following all Government guidelines on social distancing. If there is any evidence of running with another runner (e.g. Strava) the times will be voided and you will be disqualified.
2. You choose the course. Please choose quiet lanes to avoid the public. We have not specified the routes to prevent the possibility of crowding, which may occur if courses were nominated. You can choose a course to suite where you live.
3. The times for each distance must be completed as separate runs i.e. you cannot run 10K and also claim this as 2 x 5k.
4. Must be a member of Thornbury Running Club @ 1st April 2020
5. All runs to be completed by 30th April 2020 and times submitted to by that date.
6. All times submitted are based on trust. The winners may be asked to provide evidence of the times (e.g. Strava or Garmin)
7. All times adjusted using
8. Common sense and fair play is the overriding rule, as this is for fun 
9. Judge’s decision is final!

Remember, it is just for fun. Don’t put yourself at risk. Keep Safe & Well

If there is any change to the official position or we have any news for you we will post the details on here.

Look after yourselves and keep safe.
Arthur Renshaw,