TRC News 07/05/20

1. There has been no change to the official position this week. England Athletics have cancelled all activities until 31st May. Some things may change after the Government announcement due on Sunday. We will let you know of any updates from England Athletics.

2. For the 18 of you who represented TRC at the Swimarathon last month we have had a big thanks from the Rotary Club who managed to raise £14,000 from the weekend for their Charities Bust & Above and Beyond.

3. Most of you will have seen the sad news about one of our long standing Members Liam Jones. The Club has made a donation of £100 to the family’s Charity of choice – Calm. There is also a Facebook page for those wishing to make a personal donation.

4. As of today we still have made no decision on the Thornbury 10k scheduled for Thursday 16th July. Although it looks highly unlikely we will be able to hold the event in July we will hold off making a formal announcement for another 3-4 weeks and see if any of the guidance is changing.

5. For those of you who entered the April TRC Virtual Run Challenge then Kevin announced the winners earlier tonight – the results will be posted this weekend. On to the May TRC Virtual Run Challenge, The full details are below.

TRC Virtual Run Series – May Challenge

• Virtual Two Person Team
• Each person individually runs two x 10km during May
• Results based on total age adjusted time for all 4 x 10km
• Teams based on 10km* ranking from April challenge (*Where a 10km time was not available, a 10km time has been estimated based on 5km time (5km x 2.1))
• IF you did not take part in the April challenge, and would like to join the May challenge, please e-mail to get a team mate

Teams of 2 people:

Paul Harrod & Carol Mosses
Dylan Roberts & Shelley Honey
Nicholas Williams & Chris Pritchard
Henry Orna & Romeo Maddalena
Ben Bohane & Julia Jolley
Chris Foley & Christopher Lee
Mike Bennewitz & Paul Reeves
Philip Blackburn & Kathy Willott
Steve Dimond & Malcolm Carr
Jim Godden & Joanne Plumbley
William Hamilton & Mark Rogers
Moray Sloan & Hanah Hamilton
Taryn Roberts & Melanie Wilson
Janet Gaze & Hugh McPherson
Rosina Rowland & Karen Carr

Reserve: Kevin Wood

Rules – Small Print!
• Categories: Fastest age adjusted team 2 people, 2 x 10km each i.e. total 40km
• MUST be run alone and following all Government guidelines on social distancing
• Measure and record using whatever device you have
• Send you name and times to to enter the event

Detailed Rules:
1. Individual Run – All runs must be completed individually and following all Government guidelines on social distancing. If there is any evidence of running with another runner the times will be voided and you will be disqualified.
2. Route – You choose the course. Please choose quiet lanes to avoid the public. We have not specified the routes to prevent the possibility of crowding, which may occur if courses were nominated. You can choose a course to suite where you live. The route is up to you, if you live on top of a hill, go for it! Please run from your home and avoid travelling.
3. Timing – Use whatever device you have, I will accept timing from whatever device you use. If you have several devices I will accept whichever gives you the best outcome (e.g. Garmin and Strava seem to disagree on distance). This is run on an honesty basis. I don’t want to receive lots of screen shots to check. I may just ask a few random people, or winners, for “proof”, but not everyone.
4. Submission of Times – All runs to be completed by 31st May 2020 and times submitted to by that date. Once submitted you cannot change. So if you run faster after submitting, well done!
5. Age Adjustment – All times adjusted using
6. Other: Must be a member of Thornbury Running Club @ 1st April 2020. Common sense and fair play is the overriding rule, as this is for fun . Judge’s decision is final!

Remember, it is just for fun. Don’t put yourself at risk. Run Safe, Stay Safe and Keep Well

That’s all for this week.

Keep safe
Arthur Renshaw