TRC NEWS 02/04/20

There has been no change to the official position this week. England Athletics have cancelled all activities until 31st May.

As mentioned last week we have not made a decision on the Thornbury 10k as yet. We will be looking at the official advice at the time and be making a decision sometime in early May,

The good news is that Pete Mainstone has finally been allowed out of hospital and he is now back home recovering. I’m sure we all send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

As you probably saw in last weeks note we have extended your Club Membership to 1st October at no charge. If you set-up a Standing Order to pay your Membership on or around 1st April please can you cancel it. Anybody who has already renewed their Membership will get a full refund in due course.

If there is any change to the official position or we have any news for you we will post the details on here.

Look after yourselves and keep safe.
Arthur Renshaw,