TRC from Tuesday 23rd February

Following on from last night’s announcement of the “Four Steps to Freedom” we now have some dates to work towards. As Boris said last night these are the earliest dates and there may be delays if the data and the science suggests we are moving too fast.

From now until 28th March we have a further 5 weeks of carrying on with the present restrictions. Club Nights are cancelled and we are not meeting as groups. What you can do is shown below….

Athletes and Runners can train with household bubbles or ONE other person. Individual training is permitted but note Govt guidance is only to leave the house once per day and to stay local, which means you can travel a short distance within your area for example to access an open space.

All being well restrictions will start to be eased from 29th March…

1. From 29th March we can go back to meeting in the car park at the Leisure Centre and run in groups of up to 6 as we did before. Track & Trace will be on so all will have to register as we did previously. Note the hour changes on Sun 28th March so lighter nights for our runs.

2. From 12th April the Gym & Swimming Pool at the Leisure Centre will re open. The groups of 6 meeting outside is still applicable.

3. From 17th May the size of Groups meeting in the car park at the Leisure Centre can be increased to 30 – although we may decide to continue to split into smaller Groups.

4. From 21st June all restrictions are removed and we could go back to meeting indoors at the Leisure Centre if we want to. We still have access to our old room on a Thursday night if we want to use it. We will run another check on what Members want to do before we decide to go back indoors.

This is the latest England Athletics Statement from 22nd February…

All the activities below should also be on the TRC Members Facebook page.

1. TRC Zoom Café – Thursdays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

If you just fancy a chat please feel free to drop into the Zoom café on a Thursday.
25th February Meeting ID: 940 0366 0576 Passcode: 566911

Recurring Invite Meeting ID: 996 2821 3798 Passcode: 523348

2. TRC Virtual Le Jog Team Challenge – LEJOG Finish

Sunday 14ht Feb saw the finish of the LEJOG virtual event. At the start of the week Thornbury Trotters (TT) had narrowed the gap on Judy’s Joggers (JJ) to 15.2 miles, from 33.15 miles the previous week. This meant, with the finish line in reach for both teams, the race was on.
TT got off to a great start on Monday and had JJ in their sights. TT ran 43.8 miles compared to JJs 32.82 miles and had narrowed the lead JJ had to just 4.22 miles. However JJ responded strongly on Tuesday, with 54.14 miles compared to TT 15.83 miles, to open up a 39.94 mile lead by the end of the day. Sadly 4.22 miles was as close as TT got to JJ and the lead extended throughout the rest of the week. By the Wednesday night JJ had 32.67 miles to run and smashed through this on Thursday to reach John O’Groats. Meanwhile TT had just 12.01 miles to run Friday night and completed the distance on Saturday.
Over the four weeks JJ ran a grand total of 992.73 miles and TT 934.41 miles giving JJ a margin of 58.32 miles.
Judy has suggested we use the spare virtual miles to visit the Two Heads. Dunnet Head, which is the real most northerly point of the British mainland, and Duncansby Head is as far as you can go east without coming back down south again.
Thanks to everyone for taking part, enjoy a well-deserved rest. Bockenem next?!

3. TRC Virtual Fitness Sessions – Wednesdays

The schedule for the Virtual Fitness Sessions have been extended until end March. Taryn will be running all of the session now
If you have not attended before:
• All sessions take place on Wednesday starting at 7:00 pm.
• Sessions are 45 min long, including warm up and cool down, and are delivered via Zoom (links below)
If you have not attended before:

24th Feb onwards (recurring invite – Every week on Wed, until Apr 7, 2021, 7 occurrences)
Meeting ID: 956 7719 3506 Passcode: 555963

4. Club Coaching Survey

As we begin to plan for running in groups again soon and events start to reappear we wanted to understand how we can help members regain race fitness. Your Club coaches (Nick Williams, Phil Lucker, Paul Harrod, Ros Rowland & Kevin Wood) have been looking at various ideas and would like your opinions please.
We plan to make changes to the Tuesday sessions and would welcome your input and ideas please. To make this easy a short survey has been created. Please follow the link below to the survey which should only take 2-3 minutes to complete: Please can you reply by 12th March and we will then share the results and our plans with you. See the updated ‘TRC Coaching Team’ webpage.

Club Coaching Survey:

5. Bath Half

We had planned to organise pace groups for the Virtual Bath Half on 13-14th March if lockdown rules had allowed this. Clearly the rules will not have been relaxed so this won’t be possible.
You can however run socially distanced from another runner. If you have entered the event and would like to find a run buddy please e-mail with your pace / estimated time and when you plan to run it.

6. TRC #RunandTalk

Thornbury Running Club is now officially part of the #RunandTalk program. The #RunandTalk program aims to get people talking about Mental Health, removing stigma and supporting those experiencing mental health problems. TRC’s program will be led by the Mental health Champions
Carol Mosses, Emma Pritchard, Hugh McPherson and Laura Orna. The Champions are looking forward to sharing their exciting plans with you and to start the conversation about Mental Health
How can the Champions help you? The Champions are able to signpost individuals to Mental Health Support, although please do speak to them at club nights or via email if you ever just need a chat. Just remember we aren’t trained Mental Health Support Workers.
What activities are happening? If you are looking for a running buddy whilst we are in Lockdown then the Champions are very happy to help you find someone to run with. Also if you would be happy for us to contact you if we have someone looking for a buddy please drop us an email. Depending on what 2021 brings we will have a variety of online, virtual and in person campaigns and events.
How to contact us? Either find us at club night or email

7. TRC CoVid Running Code

As you will be running on your own or with one other whilst we remain in Lockdown our CoVid Officer has developed a code to remind all TRC Members of best practise when out running. See club website for details

8. Diary Date : TRC AGM – Monday 29th March 20.00 on Zoom.

This coincides with a big day in the timetable for the easing of restrictions – we can go back to meeting in the car park at the Leisure Centre and run in groups of up to 6!

That’s all for this week and we will keep you advised if anything changes.
If you have any events to add to the Diary or if you have anything to add or any suggestions or announcements please send by e-mail to
AR 23/02/21