TRC from Monday 19th April

In this week’s e-mail we have:
• Referring a friend
• It’s Working!
• Good News
• Report of week #2 of Club Coaching Tuesday
• Nutrition Questions
• New 10 min Group!
• Sunday morning runs are back
• Announcing ‘The Pete Mainstone Challenge’ 2021 – 22
• Parkrun of the week – Update
• Something to Report
• Who’s leading this week?

1. Referring a Friend – Emma & Chris Pritchard
One of our biggest sources of new members is family and friends, which is great! If you know somebody who would like to come along and try the club out please ask them to e-mail before they attend. It really helps us if they get in contact first, so we can get the paperwork out of the way.
We have had 12 people come along for the first time in the past 2 weeks which is brilliant and we hope to keep it up.

2. It’ Working! – Kevin Wood
Thank you all for continuing to use the track & trace system. Looking at the number of people in the photos and the number registered it looks good! There were a couple missing from Aztec on Tuesday please. Remember this is for your safety.

3. Good News – Kevin Wood
Last week we reported that there were 70 people who had yet to responded. Delighted to report that we are now down to 36 yet to respond. Also, good news that we have 7 new joiners to the club since we started back 3 weeks ago.
One person who has moved away, so is not renewing, said “I do want to say thank you though to the club for making me feel so welcome in my year of running with you. I have been to a lot of the clubs in Bristol and I think this was definitely the friendliest I’ve been to!”

4. Report of week #2 of Club Coaching Tuesday – Kevin Wood
Another great turnout both at TLC and Aztec for Coaching Tuesday. The efforts session details are published in the WhatsApp groups and on Facebook for those who want to do it virtually. So if you are not on Facebook or in a WhatsApp groups, please join a WhatsApp group by contacting for Aztec / Nick (Williams) 07745 133524 or TLC / Kevin (Wood) 0796 6634237.
Please come and join one of the sessions next week, and remember you can move between groups.

5. Nutrition Questions – Kevin Wood
When we did the recent Coaching Survey there was interest expressed in a session on nutrition. So I have spoken to a number of nutrition professionals and also England Athletic to see who can help us.
We have been given an opportunity by EA to take part in pilot sessions with a nutritionist, along with only 1 or 2 other clubs. This would probably be a Zoom session.
EA have asked me to submit some sample questions in order to plan the session content and gauge the level of interest amongst our club members. Please send your questions to so I can get back to EA. Thanks.

6. New 10 minute Group! – Kevin Wood
We’ve been looking at the Group’s for the past weeks and noticed that, based on Strava data, the 11 min and 5k group are running at a similar pace and over a similar distance. We are also getting a number people interested in joining the club looking for 10:00 – 11:00 pace group, a group we don’t currently have. So there is a gap at the moment in our current pace groupings.

So we have decided from 22nd April to make the following changes to groups:
1. Combining the ‘5k + 11’ into one group, running typically at 12 min currently
2. Introducing a 10 minute group (i.e. 10:00 – 10:30 pace).
All other groups remain unchanged.

7. Sunday morning runs are back – Steve Dimond
The Sunday morning Run is back. After a long gap Sunday morning runs are back next Sunday 25th April. As usual starting at the Scout Hut (car park) near Manorbrook School at 8:30. This coming weekend Ros will be leading a 15+ mile off road, and Steve Dimond, a 6 mile run at a steady pace. As usual, no-one will get left behind, there are usually ways of cutting back shorter, and covid group numbers etc will still apply. To be kept up to date on plans and routes there is ‘Sunday Long Run’ WhatsApp group – you can get added to this Group by contacting Mike Bennewitz 07790 491304

8. Announcing ‘The Pete Mainstone Challenge’ 2021/22 – Kevin Wood.
To recognise Pete Mainstone’s tremendous contribution to the club we voted to rename the Club’s ‘Captain’s Challenge’ the ‘Pete Mainstone Challenge’. Pete, Nick Langridge and I have revised the rules to make it competitive, inclusive and to encourage participation.
Simply select and enter events from the list below. We may need to change the events if any get cancelled! Please bear with us. Scoring uses a points system based on number of races run and finish position, the rules and an example of how it works is shown below. Nick has kindly volunteered to keep score.
There will be an overall female and male winner based on highest points. There will also be 5 category winners, combined female and male, based on the TRC pace groups.

The six events are:
• 27th May (Club Night) Club 10k Challenge (More info on this event to follow next week)
• 13th June Forest of Dean 10k
• 23rd June Chippenham 10k
• 29th August Severn Bridge 10k
• 5th September Woodchester
• 3rd October Berkeley 10k

• The challenge has 6 events. Each event is worth 5 points for simply entering and running (DNS = 0 points, DNF = 5 points). Enter as many as you like. You could score 30 points just by entering and running all 6 events.
• Your top 3 places count towards your final position points score. (This is in addition to the entry points for all the other events you enter from the 6 listed.)
• To calculate your position your finish time for an event is age adjusted. We are using positions and points, not times, as the events are of different distances and terrain.
• Your finish position versus the other TRC entrants is then determined, split by gender.
• First place, for each gender, gets 25 points, second 24 down to 1 point for 25th. If there are more than 25 female or male TRC runners they score 0 position points.
• There will be an overall female and male winner based on highest points.
• There will also be 5, combined female and male, category winners based on the 5 TRC Thursday Club Night pace groups.
• Any questions to
• Final decision on any ruling Pete & Nick
• Events listed may change

For example:
• Betty enters all 6 events, but only runs 5 of them due to an injury. Her entry points for the 5 events run, based on 5 points each event = 25points
• In the 5 events, after her times are age adjusted, Betty has the following finish positions versus other female TRC participants: 10th, 15th, 20th, 12th and 8th.
• Betty’s best 3 finish positions are 10th, 12th and 8th. Points for these finish positions are 16 + 14 + 18 = 48 points
• Adding Betty’s entry points of 25 to her position points of 48 gives Betty an overall score of 73 points.

9. Parkrun of the week 5th June – Kevin Wood
All parkruns resume 5th June. It would be great if as many members as possible could turn up at Thornbury parkrun on 5th in club shirts and let everyone know we are back! We have spoken to Thornbury parkrun are expecting us. If you cannot run, please can you marshal at Thornbury on 5th June, wearing your club shirt of course.
Let’s make parkrun a club event each week and every week we will nominate a ‘parkrun of the week’ where we can muster and wear the club vest. Location list for future parkruns to be published nearer the time. Get your club shirt out again, or even buy a new one!

10. Something to report?
Matt Johnson, who has been reporting club runs and results very effectively to the local press for several years, has retired from running due to a long term back problem. We have written to thank Matt for his great work and service to the club. I am pleased to announce that Paul Harrod will be taking over the role and reporting will begin when parkrun restarts (5th June). If you have run results you would like to see reported please contact Paul via

11. Who is leading this week?
7 min Nick Williams
8 min Kevin Wood & Alan
9 min Jerry Clothier
10 min (new group) Steve Dimond
11/12 min (5k) Caron Hale
Walking Val James

Coming up next week ….
• 27th May (Club Night) Club 10k Challenge