TRC from Monday 12th April

At last, the shops are open and you can go to the gym or the pub for a drink (outside) but we still need to keep to groups of six for another 5 weeks and observe social distancing at all times.

From 17th May the size of Groups meeting in the car park at the Leisure Centre can be increased to 30 – although we may decide to continue to split into smaller Groups.

From 21st June all restrictions are removed and we could go back to meeting indoors at the Leisure Centre if we want to. We still have access to our old room on a Thursday night if we want to use it. We will run another check on what Members want to do before we decide to go back indoors.


– Aztec West at 19.30 for anyone with a typical 5k time under 25 mins.

– Thornbury Leisure Centre (top car park) at 19.00 for anyone with a typical 5k time over 25 mins or anyone who cannot get to or doesn’t want to go to Aztec.

Tuesday Track & Trace Tuesday T&T Form

Tuesday & Thursday lunchtime sessions – 12.00 from top car park at the Leisure Centre. A regular session, typically a 5k run supervised by Ros Rowland for those that can’t make the evening sessions but still want a run with others. Particularly if you haven’t run for ages and want to get back to it. If you would like to join this group please contact Ros on 07743 257838. QR Code registration required.

Meet top car park at 19.00 in your respective Groups. Have your Group photo taken then off you go in groups of up to 6.

Group Leaders 15 April
o 7 min Paul Harrod
o 8 min Kevin Cundy
o 9 min Emma Pritchard
o 10/11 Nigel Hale
o 5k tba
o Walk Val James

The top car park at the Leisure Centre is marked out with Groups – 7 min, 8 min, 9 min , 10/11 min, 5k & Walkers. The Leisure Centre building reopened on Monday 12 April so toilets are available. Also be aware that the top car park is also a part time Covid Testing Centre but it will usually be clear when our groups meet.

Thursday Track & Trace Thursday T&T Form


1. Report of week #1 of Club Coaching Tuesday
The 1st Tuesday of Club Coaching for club members on 6th April was highly successful. 12 people went to Aztec for a 5km baseline timed run and introduction to form and technique. Two people got PBs! Whilst 10 people went to TLC for an efforts session on Mundy Playing Fields.
Please come and join one of the sessions this week, and remember you can move between groups. Get added to the WhatsApp groups to receive last minute messages about the group, or you may turn up and they are not there! Aztec / Nick (Williams) 07745 133524 or TLC / Kevin (Wood) 0796 6634237.

2. Cotswold Way Relay 3rd July
We hope to enter 3 Teams of 10 runners this year, plus we need 1 volunteer helper per team. Put this date in your Diary and look out for more details over the next few weeks. NB. Only TRC paid up members can be in a TRC Team for the Cotswold Way Relay. If you are a club member and interested in being in a team contact Judy Mills via
It is probably going to be oversubscribed so we will work out teams and let you know.

3. Parkrun of the week 5th June
All parkruns resume 5th June. Let’s make this a club event and as many members as possible turn up at Thornbury parkrun in club shirts and let everyone know we are back! Each week we will nominate a ‘parkrun of the week’ where we can muster and wear the club vest. Location list to be published nearer the time.

4. Things to Know About Club Track & Trace
1. We are doing this for your safety.
2. As an ‘organised outdoor sport’ we are required to be COVID secure by Government and EA
3. It only takes 10-15 seconds to complete
4. You need to do it for every session you attend
5. The date question is “Date of the Session”, not Date of birth and is in the format DD/MM/YYYY not MM/DD/YYYY
6. Please do it on the day, not weeks in advance. It asks about “prior 14 days”
7. If you forget (and I have done it too) please do it when you get home after the session
8. As soon as we are allowed to we will stop using it!

Coming up next week ….
• Referring a friend
• Running for Weight Loss
• Pete Mainstone Challenge