TRC from Friday 5th February – Lockdown3

No change this week with respect to coming out of Lockdown3. Lockdown3 measures will be looked at around 15th February but Boris has said previously in the first week of Jan “The lockdown will last for at least seven weeks, with measures to be reviewed during half-term week. Any relaxation would not come into effect before 22 February.” There is now talk about 8th or 15th March before schools go back and I guess we won’t be allowed any relaxation before the schools are open.

Latest England Athletics Statement from 8th January is here…

As a result of everyone being required to stay at home, except for specific purposes as outlined by the UK Govt guidance, the impact on our sport includes the following with immediate effect and until further notice:
• The suspension of all face-to-face indoor and outdoor club / group activity.
• The suspension of all outdoor competitions including track and field, cross country, road, trail, fell and multi-terrain running.
• The suspension of all face-to-face coaches’ and officials’ education.
• The suspension of any other face-to-face club / group training sessions, events, athlete camps, running groups or other social events as well as club committee or other meetings.
• Indoor gyms and facilities will remain closed.

What you can do:
Athletes and Runners can train with household bubbles or ONE other person.

Individual training is permitted but note Govt guidance is only to leave the house once per day and to stay local, which means you can travel a short distance within your area for example to access an open space.


During this Lockdown period your Committee has arranged for various activities to keep you occupied as detailed below. All these activities should also be on the TRC Members Facebook page.

1. TRC Zoom Café – Thursdays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

If you just fancy a chat please feel free to drop into the Zoom café on a Thursday. Last week’s topics ranged from the relationship between Riddiford’s and Kylie Minogue, swimming in the Severn, Newport County and the website error log!

11th February Meeting ID: 924 9303 0189 Passcode: 995386
18th February Meeting ID: 942 1736 8984 Passcode: 721826
25th February Meeting ID: 940 0366 0576 Passcode: 566911

2. TRC Virtual Le Jog Team Challenge

Two teams of ten, ‘Judy’s Jogger’s and ‘Thornbury Trotters’, set off the Land’s End on Monday 18th January. After one weeks running through hail, snow and rain both teams were only 0.77 miles apart, with ‘Thornbury Trotters’ taking a very slight lead. Both teams finishing the week just north of Lydney, Gateway to the Forest of Dean. Week #1 Judy’s Joggers 226.06 miles and ‘Thornbury Trotters’ 226.83 miles.
Week 2 (w/c 25th January) was a good week for ‘Judy’s Joggers’ who managed a 255.79 miles week, up from 226.06 the previous week. This puts the team just north of Carnforth with a total mileage of 481.85 miles. Meanwhile ‘Thornbury Trotters’, who started the week 0.77 miles ahead, are now 33.15 miles behind, having run 221.87 miles in the week. The team is in Bilsborrow north of Preston having run a total of 448.69 miles.
Both teams are now over half way and should cross the border into Scotland by the time you read this e-mail. Still ample opportunity for the lead to change again.

3. TRC Virtual Fitness Sessions – Wednesdays

The Wednesday Virtual Fitness Sessions with Mel and Taryn have been a big hit, regularly attracting over 20 people to each session. PB this week of 26 people. Thank you to both Ladies for doing an outstanding job of running this type of session virtually so successfully.
The current schedule for these sessions runs up until 17th Feb. I am pleased to announce that the Virtual Fitness Sessions have been extended until end March. Taryn will be running all of the session after 17th Feb, as Mel is unable to make the sessions.
If you have not attended before:
• All sessions take place on Wednesday starting at 7:00 pm.
• Sessions are 45 min long, including warm up and cool down, and are delivered via Zoom (links below)

10-Feb Body Conditioning Taryn 7:00 – 7:45pm
17-Feb Pilates for Runners Mel 7:00 – 7:45pm
24th Feb onwards (recurring invite – Every week on Wed, until Apr 7, 2021, 7 occurrences)

Meeting ID: 956 7719 3506 Passcode: 555963

Feb 24, 2021 07:00 PM
Mar 3, 2021 07:00 PM
Mar 10, 2021 07:00 PM
Mar 17, 2021 07:00 PM
Mar 24, 2021 07:00 PM
Mar 31, 2021 07:00 PM
Apr 7, 2021 07:00 PM

4. Virtual Coached Running Improver Program – Tuesdays

Coach Phil Lucker is half way through running a series of four interactive coaching sessions.
Each session will now be delivered once, and not twice as previously advertised, so please come along with your questions and take the opportunity to get some valuable tips. You do not need to register your interest, Zoom links are shown below.
Tuesday 9th Feb at 8:00pm Session #3 “Let’s Think About Physical Prep”
Tuesday 16th Feb at 8:00pm Session #4 “Let’s Think About Racing”
Meeting ID: 813 8259 2302 Passcode: 1234

5. TRC Run & Talk

Fed up with Lockdown and running on your own or stopped running? Fancy a run and a chat but lost your motivation? Why not contact to find a buddy to run with? Looking after one’s physical and mental health is even more important during the pandemic, luckily running does both.
There are many Club members who are missing being able to run with others during this time so why not drop us an email and we can put you in touch with another Club member local to you who would be keen to have someone to run with. Members who have been run buddies have found it both rewarding and mutually beneficial
Also, don’t forget to try the Zoom Cafe – another way of keeping in touch and staying motivated”

6. TRC CoVid Running Code

As you will be running on your own or with one other whilst we remain in Lockdown our CoVid Officer has developed a code to remind all TRC Members of best practise when out running.


As the CoVID pandemic continues unabated there is increased nervousness from other footpath users vying for the same space as ourselves. This code applies to running on your own as well as groups. It’s designed to hopefully help mitigate any possible negative reaction towards runners from other users of the limited footpaths we share around Thornbury.

1. Always run – and be seen to be running – with physical distance between runners.
2. Try to avoid areas which we know will be busy with people walking. Where possible avoid single track passing places and if you find that you cannot pass with sufficient physical distance, stop and turn around, going back to a ‘safe passing place’
3. When running towards people approaching from the front
• Revert to single file running (and stop talking):
• Be the first to move, creating as much physical distance as you can (i.e. not just 2m)
• Move early & move in an exaggerated way
• Smile at people/wave as you pass (no need to talk) and thank them loudly afterwards if they have moved over too, or stopped
4. If you are approaching people from behind:
• Announce your presence and announce it in good time – don’t want until the last minute to give other footpath users the time to move if they wish.
• Again, move early and create sufficient physical distance
• Find a way which you are comfortable with to let them know you are coming (runners generally don’t carry bells!) so that we don’t startle them.
• Acknowledge them with a wave of the hand.
5. If you stop for a break, don’t clog up the pavement to allow other users to get past.


Although these guidelines are pretty obviously good practice they are sometimes easy to forget. But hopefully if followed the running club will avoid any negative press aimed at runners.

Finally, this week has seen a significant number of our older Members get the vaccine, or at least get an appointment for next week (including me & Mrs R). At least something appears to be on target – to vaccinate all over 70’s by 15th Feb!

That’s all for this week and we will keep you advised if anything changes.
If you have any events to add to the Diary or if you have anything to add or any suggestions or announcements please send by e-mail to

AR 06/02/21