TRC Club Night 03/09/20

For one week only the 11 min Group will be setting off at 18.30 this week. Everyone else at 19.00 as normal

We are now four weeks in and everything is going to plan on a Thursday. We have Groups of 6 ready to go at 7pm on the dot so if you want to run with your mates please be there in the top car park for 6.55. The top car park is marked out with the usual Group names (7 min, 8 min, 9 min, 11 min, 5k, & Walkers) Go direct to your Group area to meet your leaders and have your name taken for track & trace. Once you have six people and a Leader have your Group photo taken then off you go. There are 9 exits from around the Leisure Centre so no bunching.

Please remember that by attending you are confirming that within the last 14 days you have NOT:

• Experienced a new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
• Experienced new shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
• Experienced a new sore throat, loss of taste or smell that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
• Had a temperature at or above 37.8C or the sense of having a fever?
• Had close contact with someone who is or was sick with suspected or confirmed COVID-19? (Note: Close contact is defined as within 2 metres for more than 10 consecutive minutes)
• Been isolating? (applies to you or a household member)

If you can answer YES to any of these questions you must NOT attend.

Please remember – this applies to you all
• Maintain social distancing at all times
• Follow hygiene procedures
• Follow public guidance for health
• Run in groups of no more than 6 people.
• Bring your own water (no tea or squash after)
• On return after your run please do not gather in groups
• Don’t wear Club colours.

1. Tuesday Night sessions
Based on the same principles we have adopted for the return of the Thursday night run we will aim to bring back Tuesday night ‘efforts’ from 22nd September. There will be the usual three Groups – Efforts, fastish 5k and steady 5k from the top car park at the Leisure Centre at 19.00. (Basically everything as we used to do on a Tuesday!)

2. Group Leaders
As we now have a full session back on a Thursday and will have, from 22 Sept, also on a Tuesday we need more leaders. This is particularly for the 8,9, 11 min and 5k Groups. If you know your way around the area and are prepared to lead a Group occasionally please see Kevin Wood. As from October it appears that all Leader in Running Fitness (LIRF) courses will be only available on-line.

3. Return to using an inside room at the Leisure Centre? (see separate e-mail questionnaire on this issue)

**Please respond to the Doodle Poll sent to you last Friday regarding Club Night meetings**

Clearly the Filnore Suite room that we used to use on a Thursday is not suitable for use under the present covid circumstances. The Leisure Centre have offered us use of the much larger Severnside Suite – three times the size of the Filnore Suite with space for 100 people & with separate entrance/exit. Your Committee would like to hear Members views on the principle of using an inside room on a Thursday as we used to. Would you be comfortable meeting inside using the Severnside suite? If you get the opportunity please go and have a look at the Severnside Suite. Please complete the Doodle Poll and/or let any Committee Member know your view about meeting in there. We will be making a decision in two weeks on 8th September so please make your views known before then if possible. Thank You.

4. AGM, renewal of Membership & annual subs
If you remember back in March we deferred everything and extended everyone’s Membership until October. We will be having a Committee Meeting on Tuesday 29th September when we will have to address these issues and decide what we are going to do next. If you have any views or comments please speak to any Committee Member over the next few weeks.

5. Cross Country
England Athletics updated the info on XC events 28th August. Licenced XC events can resume from 17th October. There is a significant possibility that the Gwent League will cancel all fixtures this season but the Gloucester League dates might survive…
Sunday 22nd November 2020
Saturday 12th December 2020
Saturday/Sunday 9th or 10th January 2020
Saturday 27th February 2021

6. Cape Wrath Challenge
Finally a sad note to end on this week. The Cape Wrath Challenge has been going since 2000 and over the years many TRC Members have made the long trip to the farthest point on the north west of mainland UK to run 5 races in a week culminating in the Cape Wrath Marathon and the ceilidh on the Saturday. Next year, in May, was to be the last Cape Wrath but due to covid the local organising Committee have decided to stop now and there will not be any further Cape Wrath Challenges. Judy Mills has done every one and Pete Mainstone has done nearly all over the last 20 years. Those of us who have been there will never forget the warmth and friendship of the Durness community and of all the runners who attended year after year.

That’s all for this week. If you have anything to add or any suggestions or announcements please send by e-mail to
Arthur Renshaw