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We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the club. For those who wish to improve their running and would like some help, the coaching team is introduced below, with specialities  highlighted in pink.  We also have a club Physio, Ray. 

The ‘Coaching Sessions’ page provides additional information about the weekly coaching sessions as well as a ‘Coaching Menu‘ outlining the support that the team can provide to Beginners, Improvers and Competitors.  Ask whatever you like – the team is waiting to help.



Pete Mainstone – UKA Level 2 Coach



Rosina Rowland – UKA Coach in Running Fitness



Kevin Wood – UKA Coach in Running Fitness

Pete started running in 1981 with the New York Marathon being his first race. He’s run about 25 marathons in total and his best times are 61 minutes for 10 miles, 1:21 for a half marathon and 36 minutes for 10K. He’s spent many trips abroad where he’s raced every day for 2 weeks or longer. He’s an advocate of long distance races on short distance training. He specialises in telling others how to do things without taking his own advice! If you want to improve your off-road running speak to Pete.

Ros is your 0 – 5k leader on a Tuesday night and on Thursday nights one of the 8 min group leaders. She has been running for 14 years and with the running club 14 years. Ros is a competitive runner and can run any distance both on road and off road. Her preferred choice would be off road, night racing, endurance events and cross country (Gloucester and Gwent league). All of her races have been memorable in their own merits. Ros loves training as much as the racing, she say “love what you do and be true to yourself. Never lose the enjoyment out of running”.  

Kevin started by running 800 yards and 1 mile (pre-decimal!) on the track for a club in London as a teenager, before moving up to half marathons with a PB of 1:21 at Reading.  Injury and family commitments led to early retirement for a few years. He has now been back running for a good many years and still prefers shorter distances and speed work over long runs and mud! More recently Kevin has taken up sprint triathlon, 2nd in age group at the Tockington Tri. He is working towards 100 Park runs, but has a way to go. He enjoys the Tuesday effort & speed sessions and the Summer off-roads runs with the club on a Thursday.

The following individuals are all qualified as Leaders in Running Fitness by English Athletics and share the responsibility for leading the various speed groups on Tuesday and Thursday. They make sure the group has a route of the right distance and that the group stays safe. We’ve listed them in their typical group. 

11 Minute/ Mile Group
Suzy CundySuzy Cundy Rebecca Twyman Cathy Watkins Rachel Murphy
Suzy has been running for nearly 5 years, starting off at the gym and then progressing to parkruns. She has now completed over 100, winning the ladies league on points at the Little stoke parkrun, which has now sadly stopped. Suzy took a break for about 6 months due to health reasons but missed running and was keen to get back. She started back in the beginners group and has increased her mileage and is now working on improving her times. Suzy has now completed lots of 10k’s, 3 half marathons and her first marathon.   

Rebecca took up running by joining the beginners group with the Sole Sisters Running Club in 2011. Rebecca was a proficient cyclist and an open water swimmer as a sports diver and wanted to add running to the list, so she could take on a triathlon. Rebecca joined Thornbury Running club to increase her strength and because she wanted to run off road in cleaner air. Rebecca’s favourite run is along the sea wall at New Passage. Her favourite races are Frampton on Severn 10k and the Severn Bridge Half Marathon. Rebecca enjoys a Tuesday night run with the beginners and improvers and has yet to do a triathlon.

After attempting a few 5k runs, Cathy joined Thornbury running club about 3 years ago with the beginners group. After having 2 children she wanted to improve her fitness and do something for herself.  Cathy’s husband was already a keen runner and with the encouragement of him and the club she started training and completed a few half marathons. Last October Cathy ran her first marathon and is am now training for another marathon this year. Cathy have made some wonderful friends through the club and she especially look forward to weekend runs with the girls. Cathy now even attempt some off road which she never thought she would do!!!

Rachel – having participated in no “formal” exercise since her schooldays, Rachel was encouraged to try running by her partner by entering the Bristol 10K in 2016 to raise money for a charity close to her heart.  She had no idea where it would lead…..Since that day, Rachel well and truly “caught” the running bug, the difference it has made to her mental well-being and physical health has been astounding. She joined the TRC Tuesday Improvers group where she met her fabulous group of running buddies….and then the Thursday group. She now has over 20 half marathons and the London Marathon under her (running) belt.  Rachel decided to train as a Run Leader because she felt she would like to help TRC to support and encourage beginners and improving runners.

9 Minute / Mile Group
Mike Bennewitz Kevin Cundy Steve Dimond Pete Mainstone
Hugh McPherson Arthur RenshawArthur Renshaw Jim Williams  
 Mike started running following a year away working in Italy, where too much weight was gained, and has now been running for nearly 25 years. When working away it was easy to eat, drink & sleep, but Mike managed to adapt his schedule to include running. His initial reason for running was to lose weight and get fit, and it has now morphed into a way of life. Mike joined TRC when the work travel stopped. His most enjoyable run is undoubtedly the Cotswold Way relay and, considering he hated cross country at school, this is a bit of a turnaround. He can still finish a half marathon in under two hours, so tends to focus on runs up to 13 mile. However last year experiment with a triathlon is unlikely to be repeated!  

Kevin started running in his mid-thirties originally because he was bored of the gym, but started to take it more seriously once he moved to Thornbury and joined the running club. The club has encouraged and supported him through his training for several marathons and he really likes the more challenging and interesting races such as the Grizzly. Kevin is the joint race-director for the Thornbury 10k and is also the man to see should you need any club kit.

Never having voluntarily done any sport, Steve started running at 39 to get healthier while being able to eat more cakes. He found that running with others outside was enjoyable, especially in the countryside. Race entries followed, building up to marathons and long relays, like the South West Coast Path over three weekends. Greatest achievements? Those long runs and to keep going when it is hard! He usually enters the Bristol Half Marathon, but also loves sociable countryside runs with the club, and was Race Director of the Riverbank Rollick for a few years so others could enjoy that too.

See Pete‘s profile above.

Hugh ran his first half-marathon (Bath) in 1986 as part of his employer’s team entry. He did not run again for many years whilst his family were young but decided (mid-life crisis beckoning) to run a marathon when he was 50. He completed Paris in 2004 and eventually secured a place in the London Marathon in 2008 where he squeezed in under 4 hours. He started running to keep fit but now enjoys entering races – particularly off road, hilly and muddy ones like the Sodbury Slog, the Doynton Hard Half and the Dursley Dozen.

Arthur took up running when he was 39 years old after giving up football. He’s now an experienced runner of 20 years who has run roughly 28 marathons including 10 Londons and numerous other adventures. His PBs include 1:23 for half marathon, 2:15 for 20 miles and 3:08 for marathon. Arthur knows all about hitting the wall and in his words is a legendary expert at getting it wrong! But if you need advice about long-distance road running Arthur’s your man. He has the Leader in Running Fitness qualification and he is a Level 4 Endurance Official.

Jim joined Thornbury Running Club when he moved to Thornbury in 2005. Jim runs for fun and so that he can eat and drink too much. He’s more of a distance runner than a competitive speedster and has completed a number of ultra runs over the past five years. These include a four day run along the Cotswold Way, the 45 mile green man ultra, its diminutive cousin the 30 mile Green Boy and a six hour run back and forth across the Humber Bridge. Jim is an exponent of the slow start and negative split – feel free to ask him about race pacing. Jim decided to become a run leader to share his love of Thornbury’s footpaths and streets with others. 


8 Minute / Mile Group
Ros Rowland Lizzie Williams Kevin Wood
Lizzie has been running for a few years now purely as a way of keeping fit. However more recently, since joining Thornbury Running Club, she has realised that running can actually be a very sociable sport, and has been doing more and more of it! Lizzie really enjoys trail running, and has thoroughly enjoyed leading some (very!) muddy club runs recently, as well as taking part in the local cross country events and trail races. 

See Ros and Kevin’s profiles at the top of the page.

7 Minute / Mile Group
Dave Beard Jim Godden Rob Watkins Nick Williams
Dave started running at 39 after a 29 year hiatus scarred by School cross country!  Challenged by his Cousin to lose weight and run the 2013 Castle Combe 10k, he started by running very slow 5k’s and gradually building up to what he thought would be the furthest distance he would ever run.  Unfortunately he was well and truly hooked and so pushed on to complete a number of half marathons and the Bristol/Bath marathon in 2015.  Inspired by YouTube videos of Ultra Marathons he completed his first 100km race in 2016, quickly followed by the 102 mile Cotswold Century, which qualified him for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 100km race in 2017.  Not satisfied with that he’s now training for the UTMB 100 mile event in 2018.  In between training for Ultras, Dave endeavours to recover and get a little bit of pace back, enjoying both off and on road running.   

Jim started running at 18 doing orienteering races across the UK. He then added road racing and Adventure Racing which involves running, mountain biking and kayaking, normally in wild country. This is both a team and solo event ranging from a few hours to multi day events. Since then Jim has completed 4 London Marathons, a 45 mile night race and multiple road, fell and trail races. He now hopes to get back to his roots of wild country racing together with trying a few ultras. Jim reckons he has made every training mistake in the book and is always willing to share his knowledge, even if it is “do as I say, not as I do!!”

Rob has been running regularly with TRC for 10 years, including 2 years as captain. He much prefers running off road, especially with his dog Poppy. However, he does venture out on the tarmac and has run a couple of sub 3 hour marathons. Rob enjoys the social side of running with friends on a Sunday morning (especially the coffee and cake bit at the end!!) and races regularly, anything from 5km to 100 miles.

Nick is a keen runner and having run on and off for many years, decided to become a little more ‘serious’ when he joined a Bristol based club a few years ago. Since moving to Olveston in late 2016, he has joined Thornbury Running Club and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie and good spirit that is abundant throughout the club. Whilst mainly running for ‘fun and enjoyment’, Nick regularly enters both short and long distance races, with his best result coming in the Coastal Trail Series Ultra (37 miles!) in 2017 where he came 3rd overall. Having started running on the road, Nick is a trail convert and will nowadays mostly be seen traipsing across the muddy fields and the riverbank in and around Thornbury, and further afield

John Grimsey Leader in Running &Fitness

John started running about 25 years ago having been entered into a 4 mile fun run by his son. As John was fit from playing football, squash and badminton he didn’t think it would be too difficult but spent several days afterwards walking downstairs backwards. He has run about 20 marathons, including Beachy Head 9 times, and qualified for his age group to run the Boston marathon a few years ago. John usually leads the Sunday morning long runs and helps runners prepare for the long-distance races. He also organises the annual Club entry for the 5 Valleys event.

Ray Sunnucks Sports Therapist

Ray played professional football with Fulham and QPR for a couple of seasons before having his career cut short by a knee injury which needed several operations. After a successful footballing career Ray stayed in a sports environment and retrained as a Sport Therapist. Since moving to Thornbury he quickly got involved with several sports clubs in the area, one of which was TRC. His relationship with the club, although professional also became enjoyable and spurred him on to getting involved in sport again through cycling. Ray has been the club physio for several years, regularly attending club nights on a Thursday to treat and advise on a variety of injuries, making many friends in the process.

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