Listed in first name alphabetical order:

Hannah (Hamilton)

Hannah HamiltonBio: Hannah didn’t start running properly until after her daughter was born in 2017, before this was very sporadic. Her husband was a keen cyclist so naturally they got into triathlons together, competing from sprint distances to half Ironman. After a second child triathlons have taken a backseat and running is her main passion, taking part in races ranging from 5k to marathons with half marathon being her favourite distance, and of course cross country! She is also very keen to learn all about nutrition and fuelling your body correctly whilst training and racing.

Kevin (Wood)

  • Kevin WoodBio: Kevin started as a middle distance track runner for Feltham AC being coached by a young and ambitious coach. Kevin moved to Bristol and started running longer events, whilst the coach went on in later life to coach Mo Farah. Kevin joined Thornbury Running Club and has podiumed in a number of local events including 2nd in age group at the Tockington sprint triathlon. Although Kevin has run the London Marathon his preference is for 5k, parkrun especially, and 10k events. Having experienced the benefits of good coaching Kevin wanted to move into coaching himself to share his joy of running with others. For the past few years Kevin has coached the clubs ‘Couch to 5 k’ program (C25K). Kevin coaches the TRC club interval sessions on a Tuesday evening for improver that are usually held at Thornbury Leisure Centre. He is also available for 1:1 coaching or for the preparation of individual training plans.
  • Coaching Qualifications: LiRF, CiRF, Mental Wellbeing in Sport & Physical Activity
  • Types of Coaching Offered: Group and 1:1 coaching primarily aimed at beginners or those looking to improve at distances ranging from 5k to half marathon.
  • Contact Details:

Nick (Williams)
Nick WilliamsBio: Nick is an experienced runner and joined Thornbury Running Club in 2017 when he moved to the area from central Bristol. He regularly enters races involving distances from 5k up to 100 miles, and has managed a number of podiums in his time, with his greatest achievement being first place in the Winchcombe Cross 50 mile Ultra. That said, he also thoroughly enjoys taking part in his local Parkrun. In recent years, Nick has turned his attention to include coaching, and now coaches athletes looking to improve their running, and particularly with specific races/targets in mind. Nick coaches the TRC club interval session that is primarily held at Aztec West on a Tuesday evening for improvers/competitors, but is also available for 1:1 coaching and will quite happily prepare a training plan for you in preparation for your next event.

  • Coaching Qualifications: LiRF & CiRF
  • Types of Coaching Offered: Group and 1:1 coaching primarily aimed at those looking to compete at distances ranging from 5k to 100 miles, including both on and off-road (incl. x-country).
  • Contact Details: 07745133524

Paul (Harrod)

  • Paul HarrodBio: Paul has run all his life, but until the age of 40 just seemed to be getting slower!   His son James was a promising junior and so Paul decided to look seriously into exercise physiology in order to help his son improve.  For the past five years they have both followed an approach that focuses on building the aerobic foundation; response-regulated adaptation; sequential development and proper running mechanics.  Paul’s 5k time has dropped from 21:15 to 17.40, while James was in the top 80 at the most recent national cross-country championships.  Paul believes that many runners are doing all the right training, just not in the right order!
  • Coaching qualifications: Lydiard Foundation levels 1,2 and 3
  • Type of coaching offered: Paul is happy to offer 1-2-1 coaching for anyone who feels their training is ‘hit and miss’ but does not necessarily understand why.  He’d also love to help someone target a PB if they are willing to dedicate some time to the build up!   He also hopes to offer some ‘hill drills’ group sessions.
  • Contact details:

Rosina (Rowland)

  • Ros RowlandBio: Ros has been with the running club since 2002 and is a competitive runner, representing the club in both Gwent and Gloucester Cross County leagues. Ros enjoys both road races and off road at distances ranging from 5k to 112 miles and ranks well in her age category in these events. Ros’ preferred event is ultra-running and she has run over 31 ultras ranging from 30 miles to 112 miles. Ros is one off the CiRF coaches in the club and can coach during the day 1:1 or with groups. Ros loves the training as much as she does competing.
  • Coaching Qualifications: LiRF & CiRF
  • Types of Coaching Offered: Daytime group or 1:1 sessions
  • Contact Details: tba

TRC Run Leaders

The following Run Leaders are LiRF qualified:

Chris Pritchard Emma Pritchard
Arthur Renshaw Carol Mosses Chris Pritchard Emma Pritchard
Lizzie Williams Steve Dimond
Hugh McPherson Lizzie Williams Jim Williams Steve Dimond
Nick Williams Hannah Hamilton Mike Bennewitz Rob Watkins
Nick Williams Hannah Hamilton Mike Bennewitz Rob Watkins
Kevin Wood Ros Rowland    


Kevin Wood Ros Rowland Ellen Perrot Peter Cable

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