Running Safety

Safety is obviously very important as we run on public roads and public footpaths. The run groups Leader is there to help with group safety.

In winter months with dark nights it is especially important to consider how visible you are when out running, whether on road or off.  We ask all runner to wear a  hi-viz top  (bib, jacket etc.) and we would also strongly recommend a head torch. Most members do use a head torch.

Please read the Running Safety document here  and ensure you have the necessary equipment. Think about how visible you are to drivers (and other pedestrians) and just be aware when you’re out there.

We are members to refrain from bringing their dogs with them for club runs as it is considered a trip hazard and some members do not like dogs. Thank you.

Finally you might like to look at the Club Night Risk Assessment and General Health & Safety Policy documents below to be aware of the possible risks and the mitigations considered.

Accident Reporting

The Club is required to report all accidents to EA as part of our conditions of EA Affiliation.

If there is an accident whilst running with the Club please follow the following 3 steps:

  1. Upon returning to the Sport Centre the run Leader should make contact with the Club Captain and Club Health & Safety Officer to notify them of the accident.
  2. The run Leader should then please complete theAccident Report Form’ asap (within 24 hours) to provide accident details, as TRC is responsible for reporting all accidents to EA. A copy of this link can also be found on the Club website under ‘Health & Safety’.
  3. If required, contact will be made with the injured runner’s emergency contact by the Club Captain or Health & Safety Officer

Risk Assessment

View the appropriate documents for risk assessments below:-

Club Health and Safety Policy

 Club Night Risk Assessment  for Running & Coaching

 Club Night Covid Risk Assessment

Club Covid Running Code

For runners of all standards