Coaching Sessions

If you have particular goals, coaching is available on request to Craig (see the TRC Coaching Team page). There are 2 formal regular coaching sessions provided by the club:-


Beginners or speedwork both at 7pm on Tuesdays from the back car park of the Leisure Centre.

A beginners group is started, typically a couple of times a year, and continues to run on Tuesdays. Ongoing runs are either for company, or for those that can’t make the Thursdays.

As you know the club has made the decision to no longer support the track sessions at the Filton track and will replace this by an intervals session. This session will start at  The coaching team at Thornbury has also prepared a schedule of track sessions for those athletes wishing to use the track independently. Here are some typical sessions. (No specific dates set at present.)

5x 1,000m with 200m jog recovery

3 x 1 mile  with  400m jog recovery

10 x 400m with 30sec recovery

5 x 300m with 100m jog recovery

3x 1 mile with 400m jog recovery

6 x 800m with 200m jog recovery (up and down home straight)

10 x 400m with 30sec recovery

3 x 1 mile  with  400m jog recovery

5x 1,000m with 600m jog recovery

3 set of (5 x 300m with 100m jog recovery) with 5 minutes between sets


On Thursday club nights members can choose a coached interval session, which includes hill-work, as an alternative to going out with one of the different paced running groups.

The tempo group sometimes, but not always, includes some efforts or activities such as back to front chains.

For runners of all standards