Club Running Routes

Here is an archive of routes that the club uses for club night sessions and other runs. They are grouped by starting point and type and updated as new routes are added. Most are gmap-pedometer maps which can be exported as gpx files for gps devices. Some are [OS Maps].  (Dates checked or run are shown in Brackets)

Here is a  MEDLEY OF ROUTES  (40 pages) from 3 to >10 miles, starting at various places, plus some blank maps, to help you plan a route. Some of the routes are also listed below.

For a walk or run around town, about 6 miles mainly on footpaths, try Thornbury’s Biodiversity Ring. Here is the map  and here is the brochure from Sustainable Thornbury.


Mainly off road a. 6.8 miles, Abbots Way, Tytherington, Buckover (July 2014) or cut out Buckover and just go to water tower on A38 for about 6 miles.
  b 5.8 miles. Up behind leisure Centre, A38, left Forty Acre Lane, then right, parallel with A38, then right on Latteridge road, across A38 at Rudgeway lights, down, Hazel lane, Alveston, Ship Inn, Leisure Centre, up to Golf Club! (April 16)
  c. 6.8 miles (shows 6.3) Riverbank Rollick start and finish using road through Cowhill then right, rutted bridleway, to Stock Hill (May 16). or cut left before St Arildas Church for a shorter version.
  d. 6 Miles Golf Course, Sweetwater Lane, down Stock Hill, left Kington Lane, across to Thornbury Storage and on, back to Pithay, Rock St (April 14)
  e. 5.6 m Golf course, Sweetwater Lane, up Stock Hill, right across fields to Thornbury Storage, over Kington Rd, Pithay, Mundy Fields (July 2014)
  f. 6 miles, Pithay, straight on to Oldbury (via Park Mill Farm), Left Chapel Road to Rectory Lane Bridleway, then left to Rollick start in reverse (April 16)
  g..6.7 m Alveston, Hazel Lane, Tockington, Elberton, Sweetwater Lane, Golf course(May 2016) or cut back up from Tockington for a shorter version.
  h..5.1 m Tennis Courts, Mumbleys, Stock Hill, Pithay(June2018)  or longer finishing via Kington Rd and start of Rollick
  i. 3.4 M/ 5.4 km Abbey Lane, Slad, back via Railway (May 2021)
Mainly on road 6.6 miles (1.5 offroad) Golf Course, Mumbleys, Vattingstone lane, Alveston (Wolfridge Ride), A38, Grovesend Rd Midland Way.( April 14)
  10km (6.2 Miles) Road and path, Mundy Playing fields to St Arilda’s, Stock Hill, Golf Course finish at Mundy (July 15)
  10 km Thornbury “Runathon” route (April 2021)   <Written directions click>
  2.9 M/4.6 km Schools and Streams B Stokefield Close  (Sept 2021)
  2.9 M/4.6 km Schools and Streams A Cemetery (Sept 2021)
Winter evenings 5.8 miles towards Oldbury twilight back through Thornbury
  3.1 M/5 km Castle St, Medieval Fish Ponds, streams (Jul 2019)
  3.4 M/ 5.4 km Outside of 6th Form field, Crossways, Streamleaze (Sept 2016)
  4.3 miles Streams and Greens in Thornbury (Nov 2018)
  6.6 miles short cuts available, The Hippo (shape) – Grovesend Rd, Morton Way, Gloucester Rd, Grovesend Rd (again), Midland Way (Jan 15)
  6.3 miles towards Oldbury twilight back through Thornbury (April 2014)
  6.0 miles The Elephant round Thornbury(Feb 2019)
  6.2 m Midland Way, Hacket, Park Rd, sting in the tail Golf Club ( Oct 2014)
  5.6 miles, Round Thornbury with hill spikes. – Golf club, Midland way, out to A38 and back, Stream to Gillinngstool, Eaton Hill, Park Road, Castle St (Dec 15)
  6 miles ZIG ZAG to Tilting road, Chatsworth, stream to Morton Way, Primrose, Knapp Rd, Stream up to Malvern, Sibland, st Davids, Midland Way (Nov 2014)
Christmas 4.2  miles ALVESTON CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (2019 – 22)
Christmas 5.2 miles THORNBURY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (2022)

From the  SCOUT HUT CAR PARK (MANORBROOK SCHOOL), usually Sunday 8:30

Mainly on road… 19 miles Stone, Shepperdine, Oldbury
  9.4 miles New houses, Wyevale, Alveston, Golf course, 500ft ascent (Nov 16) 
  16.6 miles Alveston, past Olveston, Oldbury
  18 miles Rockhampton, Falfield, Tytherington, Alveston
  10 miles Shepperdine River bank, Oldbury Hill
  11.4 miles new houses, A38, Gambril Lane, Priest Wood, Baden Hill, Wyevale, Filnore woods,
  10.8 miles Snowdrop run – A38, Gambril Lane, left to snowdrops, back of Tortworth, near Cromhall, back via Priest Wood, Baden Hill, water tower, over A38 and down Hacket Lane
  11.6 miles A38, Gambril Lane, Cromhall Lane, Cuttsheath,Rd Tytherington, Concrete way, Itchington Rd, Grovesend Rdl
  12.7 miles Milbury Heath, Gambril Lane, A38 to Stone, back via Rockhampton
  15 miles Rockhampton, Stone, Tortworth, Tytherington
  20 miles Rockhampton, Shepperdine, Oldbury Hill, Stock Hill, Tockington, A38 back
  19 m Glos Rd, Gambrill Lane, Milbury Heath, Alveston, Tockington, Over M4, Olveston Littleton, back (Oct 16)
  14.4 miles Rockhamptom, Falfield, Tytherington Earthcott,  Alveston
  20 miles Littleton, Olveston, New Passage, Rudgeway, A38 back [OS map]
  13.1 miles. Deer Park and Ham (also suitable for vegetarians). Mostly road with great views from the park.
Mainly off road… 3 miles Secret Passage Duckhole to Scotlands Farm (return tbd) [OS Map] (Nov 14)
  9.5 m Secret Passage Duckhole to Scotlands Farm, and 2 churches at Hill and Rockhampton (Nov14) 



Winter 5.8miles Thornbury figure of 8

See also the  SUMMER HANDICAP ,  WINTER HANDICAP  and TRC Races pages.

For runners of all standards