Club Sessions

The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and a small group meet on Sunday morning.

Thursday Evenings 

Thursday is the main club night where we meet for a steady or tempo run. We meet at Thornbury Sports Centre ready for a 7:00pm start.  (See also “where we meet“.)

We currently have a 5 groups each running at different speeds (based on minutes per mile), led by a qualified leader and running for typically 1 hour. If the groups get spread out there is a regroup and nobody is left behind. Members are welcome to move between groups as fitness improves or to recover from a race or injury:

  • 12 min / mile
  • 10 min / mile
  • 9 minute / mile
  • 8  minute/  mile 
  • 7 minute mile

There is also a walking group. This is a brisk walking group (not too fast) and will help get you up to speed without causing unnecessary injury. It is run by an experienced walker, with walks lasting no more than an hour. Any members, friends or relatives are welcome. Normal membership rules apply.

Tea / squash and biscuits are provided at the end of the session and the use of showers is available.

Tuesday Evening Sessions

There are two option on a Tuesday night, which is the Club Coaching night:

  • Interval Training –We have 3 qualified EA Coaches who lead an interval training session at various locations. We have a WhatsApp group for those who attend the Tuesday sessions and a message is sent each Tuesday morning confirming the location and time of the session for that week. Types of session include:
    • Kenyan Diagonal
    • 12 * 400m repetitions
    • Pyramid sessions
    • Hill efforts
    • ‘Meet & greet’ session
  • On 2nd & 4th Tuesdays we meet at WISE track for a 7:30pm start. You need to pay for parking, walk through the building and meet on the track
  • On the other Tuesday in the month we meet for a 7:30 at Aztec West in the winter and Chantry Fields in the summer. We do efforts around a circuit.  We park (free) and meet at this spot before warm up, drills and efforts.
  • Steady 5k –There is also the opportunity for a 5k steady run during the day in winter and evening in the summer.

Sunday Morning Long Run

We also meet for longer runs on Sunday mornings at 8.30am in the small car park opposite The Castle School and Manorbrook School, next to the Scout Hut.. These runs continue throughout the year, come rain or shine!

These are typically “steady” and social rather than fast, to build up endurance. They are very good for those planning longer races such as half or full marathons. They are not usually shorter than 10 miles but routes are circular so there are always short cuts back for those who like the company but not the full distance. Conversely, some runners from the group may choose to continue further.

For runners of all standards