The Riverbank Rollick on Sunday 15th January 2023.

The Riverbank Rollick

 We are getting a bit desperate for helpers on the Riverbank Rollick on Sunday 15th January.

Thanks to those who have volunteered so far.

The list below is people who helped on the Rollick last year but who we have not heard from this year. Ideally we want volunteers who can do the same job as last year.

If you are not on this list then you have either volunteered already (thank you!) or you didn’t help last year and have gone into hiding to avoid being asked and not filled in the form that Kevin has been promoting for weeks now.

At this moment we will struggle to put on a proper race up to our usual standards with the limited number of volunteers we have so please step up and help if you can….

You can e-mail me or send a text to 07810 300025.

  • Andy Darton
  • Annie Green
  • Beck Vaughan
  • Chelsea Carnall
  • Clare Watt
  • Dave Hobbs
  • George Evans
  • Ian Evans
  • Ian Hoffman
  • Jim Godden
  • Jorge Lima
  • Julia Jolley
  • Kathy Willott
  • Katie Cross
  • Leighton Prescot
  • Lisa Hooper
  • Liz Baird
  • Melanie Wilson
  • Naomi Hibberd
  • Pat Morrissey
  • Paul Harrod
  • Rachel Parry
  • Richard Jackson
  • Roger Glew
  • Romeo Maddalena
  • Sam Glew
  • Sam Prescott
  • Sarah Newnes
  • Sean Parry
  • Terry Wood
  • Tom Johnson

Thanks Everyone & Merry Xmas.

Jo Emerson & Arthur Renshaw