The Cotswold Way Relay Sat 30th June – final appeal for runners to join one of our four TRC Teams

(I understand that some Members did not receive this by e-mail on Monday so it is being sent again – apologies if you get this twice!)

This is the final official appeal for runners to join a TRC Team for the Cotswold Way Relay on Saturday 30th June. We have entered four Teams but we are still short of 5 runners, 3 for Leg 1 and 2 for Leg 10.  The deadline for letting Bath AC know who is running is this Friday 15th June so please let Mike Bennewitz or Judy Mills know before then if you are able to take part.

As Judy wrote on Facebook …

As Judy wrote on Facebook …

“If you have nothing else to do on Saturday 30 June, and especially if you like early mornings, Thornbury Running Club would like to invite you to take part in a run which includes Broadway Tower, as well as Chipping Camden town and Stanway House. Yes, there are still places up for grabs in the Cotswold Way Relay. If you are not a morning person but would like to take part, please let Mike or Judy know, and we will try to find a space for you. If you are a Club member, there is no charge (actual cost to the Club, £175 per team, £17.50 per runner). All the Stages have hills, and all are lovely! We don’t ask that you are a fast runner; we have entered four teams precisely so that the slower runners can also have a place. Distances from 8 to about 13 miles. Go on, you know you would like to have a go!”

The final Team Recce is going to be Sunday 24th June and we intend to do the last Leg 10 into Bath – this is the leg where we are short of 2 runners – so we would welcome any other Members joining us.


Mike Bennewitz


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