Summer Handicap Results

The results of the Summer Handicap held last Thursday 10th May are now available on the handicap results page.

Handicaps were used based on the times of last season’s runs where available.  A bit difficult where we had new runners with no known times, of which there were quite a lot.  For starters, they were given a time similar to those that they finished near or were near on Park Runs where those were available.

You may wonder why Arthur did so well.  That was because he was so rubbish in last year’s results that he had built up a substantial handicap time, which just goes to prove that those who do well in the handicap are those that have improved most from the previous time.

For the next race the handicaps will be reset to reflect the first run’s times so that if everyone does the same again there will be a mass finish of everyone being first equal – so it’s down to those who try hardest or improve most to find the edge.

(And he really was rubbish last year, I saw him, so no going slow deliberately).

Any names spelled incorrectly are due to the difficulties of reading Pete’s handwriting.  Any comments or complaints to Pete.

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