Riverbank Rollick – Sunday 12th January 2020

A message from the Rollick Race Director to everyone that helped make it a great event again.

To all the pink unicorns, overgrown penguins, resurrected rock gods and every other marshal, baggage handler, coffee maker, baker, cake seller, car parker, medal giver, water provider, number allocater, letter dropper, heavy lifter, clearer upper, publicity publisher, website manager and absolutely anyone else who helped out on Sunday, a massive THANK YOU for your contribution to another fabulous TRC riverbank rollick.

We had 459 runners out on Sunday and the feedback has been exceptional with massive amounts of praise for the TRC team – particularly the marshals and their excellent support. Without the willingness of the TRC volunteers there would be no event and the cheeriness of everyone helping out, especially those stuck out in the cold ,was really appreciated by everyone who took part. As well as some really positive on the day feedback we have also received numerous e mails and reviews from runners who were very keen to let all the marshals and organisers know how much they enjoyed themselves and how highly they rated the rollick.

We can let you know some of the facts and figures as they emerge but again just a very big thank you for giving your time and energy to support our club


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