Riverbank Rollick 16 January 2022 – Marshals update – 03/01/22

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who has responded, we are now only one person short to help with our race on Sunday 16th Jan.

See the updated attached schedule of who is doing what on the 16th. There are quite a lot of changes in Version 4 and some people are down for two or more jobs. Rollick Race Day Org 2022 v4 pdf  The position highlighted in purple is the one we are still missing. The one’s highlighted in yellow are helpers who have not done it before. All others not highlighted have done it in previous years and should know what to do.

The Course Marshals are divided into 6 groups each under the control of a Team Leader who marks out their section of the course and look after their group of Marshals. The Team Leaders will have a full list of their Team members telephone numbers & e-mail addresses. In total we require 51 course Marshals plus 9 others to lead the runners from the Castle School to the Start on the Pithay.

It has been tradition in recent years that the Course Marshals wear fancy dress and it looks like that tradition will be carried on this year!

See the points marked on the attached map marked 1-51.

Hopefully the schedule is now fixed but I will send out one last update next week.  If you are on the list and for some reason now can’t do it please let me know asap and it would be very helpful if you could find someone to replace you.


Arthur Renshaw


07810 300025