TRC Handicap Races

The club organises two Handicap series each year.

The Winter Handicap course is 5km on pavements and streamside paths. Click here for route . There are three races, best  two to count,  prizes for the first six.  The winner is presented with the ‘Old Trainer Trophy’.

Rules Open to club members competing as individuals; handicap time is the best time recorded in the individual’s last three runs in the winter handicap series since 2008/9 inclusive; performance is measured as handicap time divided by actual race time; the winning performance will score 50 points, then 49 etc, but all finishers after number 39 will score 10 points; members without a handicap time will be allocated the same number of points as the lowest scoring runner with a handicap time; in the case of a tie, performance in the non-counting races will be the initial tie-breaker.

The Summer Handicap course combines road with country and is just under 5 miles. Click here for route. There are three races, with the best  two to count,  prizes for the first six.  The winner is presented with the Terry Morgan Trophy. Below are the fastest times run on the course.

Fastest Times:      
      Time Year
  Phil Lucker   27:20 2009
  Rob Cowlard   27:58 2012
  Mark Curtis   28:44 2009
  Niall Bird   28:47 2009
  Roger Denton 28:48 2009
  Jon Gundry   28:57 2009
  Trinity Booth 32:36 2009
  Joanne Plumbley 32:45 2011
  Rachel Willis 33:27 2008
  Janet Constable 33:41 2009
  Anna Fischer 33:50 2012
  Emma Barnes 34:26 2009

Each autumn TRC holds the Steve Jones Memorial 10 Mile Handicap race on the OPS10 course. Steve was a longstanding member of the club, he served as treasurer for several years, and he was an accomplished road runner.

For runners of all standards