TRC/Chepstow Mob Match

A mob match is where everybody counts.  Teams take each other on, in this case two teams, and everyone in receives a score with scoring in descending order.  So, if there are 90 runners then the first in scores 90, second scores 89 down to 90th scoring 1 point.  All the points are added up and the winner is the team with the most points. Simple!

But, as you can see, if everyone counts then it is a big advantage to have more runners out than the opposition and the result can, and has in our case, be swung by having more than the opposition in the last runners.  So, a great encouragement for everyone to join in and influence the result in favour of TRC.

This fixture started in 2010 and has been an annual fixture since with each club hosting alternate years.  The TRC fixture takes place at the Anchor in Oldbury and involves two and a half kilometres out on the Severn Walkway Path and back again.  The Chepstow fixture has the novelty of a two and a half kilometre run out on to the middle of the Severn Bridge and back again.

After the race the hosting club lays on a spread for the after race celebrations, so a good night out.  Sadly, we are currently 3 – 1 down so “Everybody Out!” next time.

See Results for TRC/Chepstow Mob Matches.

We have also entered the Avon Clubs Cross Country Mob Match and Avon AA Summer Mob Match but not since 2010

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