Cross Country

Cross-CountryThe club enters 2 cross country leagues during the season which runs through the winter from October  to March.  These are the Gloucester League and the Gwent League, the details for which are below.  With the difficulties of getting a team out in recent years we have decided that for season 2017-18 we will concentrate on the more local Gloucester League to see if we can raise the profile and encourage members to compete in the fewer races.  We will also be promoting entry to the Gloucester County Championships which are being held very locally at Old Down Country Park.  Men and women run in separate races in Cross Country.  Men’s races are about 10 kms long and women’s about 6 kms long.  There are also junior races at different age groups for boys and girls so your children can compete as well.

We also run our own club championship, with placings in four out of a total nine fixtures to count, and trophies for the outright winners (men and women) and age-adjusted winners (men and women).

A diary of races is published before each season starts so you know when the events are and group transport is organised so that we car share to the event which also makes it a better team event.  We also have a tent which makes an occasional appearance.

The team captains for the Gloucester League cross country are currently Jim Godden and Jo Plumbley. For the Gwent League arrangements will be made by one of the runners going to each meeting.

Gloucester League:-

There are 4 fixtures in the Gloucester League, usually the beginning of October, November, December and February.  Clubs involved stretch from Somerset up to the West and East Midlands.  Typical venues for races are Cheltenham, Cotswold Farm Park, Blackbridge in Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and Wotton-under-Edge.

There are mens’ and women’s senior and veteran’s teams as well as individual scores. The scoring is on a basis of first in gets 1 point so that the low scores are best.  There are 6 in a men’s team and 4 in a men’s veteran team, 3 in a women’s team and 3 in a women’s veteran team.  If you fail to field a complete team for any event you are then discounted from the season competition and can only score for the individual fixture.

For individuals it is the best 3 of your scores that count towards the season’s scores and medals are awarded for the first 3 in each category, including 5 year veteran categories.  We often have runners winning individual medals.  It’s a while since we won any team medals although the men’s veteran team did have a period when they finished 2nd for 3 years in a row but we still like to better our local rival and peer clubs.

Team Honours:-


Men’s Veteran Team  3rd 1996-7

Men’s veteran Team  Runners-Up 1998-9

Gwent League:-

There are 5 fixtures in the Gwent League, usually the first half of October, November, December, February and March.  Clubs involved stretch from Devon up to the West Midlands and across South Wales to Carmarthen.  Typical venues for races are Bridgend, Brecon, Swansea, Blaise Castle in Bristol, Bath University, Cardiff, and Carmarthen so some are quite a long journey and some very local.

There are mens’ and women’s senior and veteran’s teams as well as individual scores.  The scoring is on a basis of however many are running the first in gets that many points so that high scores are best – for example if 300 entered then 1st would score 300, 2nd 299 down to 1 point for 300th.  There are 5 in the men’s team and 3 in the women’s team. Points for teams and individuals are on a cumulative basis and, even if a team is short they can still get a score for those that ran and continue in the season competition.  There are also veteran teams in 10 year age groups and in the previous age groups our men’s V60 team have finished 2nd and 3rd in the last two seasons.  However, for vets’ teams a new structure was brought into place from 2015-16 which is:-
Over 35 – 5 to score for teams
Over 45 – 4 to score for teams
Over 55 – 3 to score for teams
Over 65 – 2 to score for Male teams.  The men’s race for this category is included in the women’s race so the over 65 men are expected to run with the women.  They can, however, still opt to compete in the main men’s race but will only count in the V55 category.

The Gwent League also has a division structure.  There are 4 divisions in the men’s and we were put into Division 4 to start with but after 2 promotions early on we maintained a presence in the second division for 14 years, never quite being able to be promoted, although we came close three or four times, otherwise being mostly in mid-table. However, after 14 seasons, with the stalwarts in their 60s and the difficulties of getting any younger runners out in numbers we were relegated back to Division 3 in 2016.  There are 3 divisions in the women’s and we were promoted to the top division in 2011 and managed to stay there until a lack of women turning out caused us to be relegated back to the 2nd division in 2015.

The Gwent League is a high quality competition and the highest calibre event that we enter so we haven’t won any individual medals although some have finished high up.  Apart from the division promotions and the men’s V60 team we haven’t won any other team medals although we have come high up again, especially in the veteran categories.  But we still like to beat our local rivals and pit ourselves in the competition to see how well we can do.

Team Honours:-


Division 4 Champions 1997-98 (Promoted)

Division 3 Runners-Up 2001-02 (Promoted)

Best Position Division 2  – 3rd in 2012-13,  4th in 2002-03, 2004-05, 2008-09

Division 2 Relegated 2015-16

V50 Team 3rd  2006-07

V60 Team Runners-Up  2010-11    3rd  2013-14, 2014-15


Division 3 Runners-Up 2005-06 (Promoted)

Division 2 Runners-Up 2009-10 (Promoted)

Best Position Division 1 7th  2010 – 11, 2012 -13

Division 1 Relegated  2014-15


Club Championship

The club runs its own Cross Country championship, with placings in four out of a total nine fixtures to count, and trophies for the outright winners (men and women) and age-adjusted winners (men and women).  Standings for the season are published on the page for the year’s results along with a race report and you can look back at previous years under the tab for each season which you will find under Racing, Teams and Cross Country.

For runners of all standards