Fixtures/Rules 2021

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We are adding two further trophies to the Pete Mainstone Challenge:

  1. Outright time Female max points score
  2. Outright time Male max points score

We now have the following four trophies:

  1. Outright time Female max points score
  2. Outright time Male max points score
  3. Age adjusted time Female max points score
  4. Age adjusted time Male max points score

+ Recognition:

  • Combined male and female age adjusted max points score for each pace group
    e. 1 per pace group – 7 min, 8 min, 9 min, 10 min &12 min

Pete Mainstone Challenge 2020-21

  1. To recognise Pete Mainstone’s tremendous contribution to the club we voted to rename the Club’s ‘Captain’s Challenge’ the ‘Pete Mainstone Challenge’.
  2. Pete, Nick (Langridge) and I have revised the rules to make it competitive, inclusive and to encourage participation.
  3. Pete normally selects 6 events, but this year we have the 9 below (Note: We may need to substitute events if one gets cancelled. Please bear with us!). Simply select and enter.
  4. Scoring is based on a points system, the rules and an example of how it works is shown below.  Nick has kindly volunteered to keep score.
  5. There will be an overall female and male winner based on highest points. There will also be 5 category winners, combined female and male, based on the TRC Thursday Club Night pace groups.


27th May (club night)  Club 10 K Challenge (Rotary Walkathon)
13th June Forest of Dean 10 K
23rd June Longest Day Chippenham 10 K 
29th August Severn Bridge 10 K
5th September Woodchester Park MT 8 Mile
3rd October Berkeley 10 K
27th November Having a Mare (Bath Racecourse off road)
19th December Chippenham Shortest Day 10K
Jan / Feb Final Event TBA


  1. The challenge has 9 events. Each event is worth 5 entry points for simply entering and running (DNS = 0 points, DNF = 5 points). Enter as many as you like. You could score 45 points just by entering all events and running.
  2. Your top 3 places count towards your position points score. This is in addition to the entry points for all the other events you enter from the 9 listed.
  3. Your finish time for an event is age adjusted. We are using positions and points, not times, as the events are of different distances and terrain.
  4. Your finish position versus the other TRC entrants is then determined. This is split by gender.
  5. First place, for each gender, gets 25 points, second 24 down to 1 point for 25th. If there are more than 25 female or male TRC runners they score 0 position points.
  6. There will be an overall female and male winner based on highest points. 
  7. There will also be 5, combined female and male, category winners based on the 5 TRC Thursday Club Night pace groups.
  8. Any questions to
  9. Final decision on any ruling Pete & Nick

For example:

  1. Betty enters 7 events, but only runs 6 due to an injury. Her entry points for the 6 events run based 5 points each = 30 points
  2. In the 6 events, after her times are age adjusted, Betty has the following finish positions versus other female TRC participants: 10th, 15th, 20th, 12th, 21st and 8th.
  3. Betty’s best 3 finish positions are 10th, 12th and 8th. Points for these finish positions are 16 + 14 + 18 = 48 points
  4. Adding Betty’s entry points of 30 to her position points of 48 gives Betty an overall score of 78 points.

For runners of all standards