Fixtures 2020


Westonbirt 10 K 10th April – rescheduled to 31st Oct
Berkeley 10 K 11th May – cancelled
Hogweed Trot 10 K 18th May – cancelled
Longest Day Chippenham 10 K 24th June – rescheduled to 20th Dec
Magor 10 K 1st Aug – cancelled
Woodchester Park MT 8 Mile 6th Sept – cancelled


Well, there are now 5 road races of 10K but as Woodchester Park is still included and is a different type of race – hilly trails and 8 miles (ask Pete) adding up the times for each race would obviously be unfair.  So, the same scoring system as is used for cross country will be applied, that is first in scores 25 points, second 24 points and so on to 25th in scores 1 point.  Best three races to count.

So, everyone can pick up points and, if you are not at the top of the leaderboard you can still compete for position against those around you.

It should be noted for those of a nervous disposition that one of the races is in Wales.


We have arranged a 10% discount with DB Max for both the Westonbirt House 10k and the Longest Day Chippenham 10K.  Thornbury RC should be put into the entry discount section.

For runners of all standards