TRC Road Race Champs

Road Race Championship 2017

Yet another set of rules for 2017, hopefully to make the results and competition more visible, interesting and competitive.

There are 5 nominated races:-

Bluebell Blunder 7th May
Berkeley 10K 15th May
Bradley Stoke 10K 11th June
Gloucester 10K 9th July
Two Tunnels 10K 20th August

For each race the first person in the club will receive 25 points, the second 24 points, the third 23 points and so on until twenty-fifth receives 1 point should there be that many.  Your best 3 scores out of the 5 races will count towards the final total so you really need to compete in at least 3. 

There will be awards in overall men’s, overall women’s, age adjusted men’s and age adjusted women’s.

Results will be posted as soon as possible after each race so you can follow your progress against those you compete with.

So get running! 

Road Race Championship 2014

A new set of rules have been introduced for the 2014 competition which involve the following:-

To qualify you have to run in any three 10K races on /off road or mixed surface. They include our handicap and the club is going to pay the entry fee for 5 local 10K’s. Frampton, Clevedon, Hogweed, Bradley Stoke and Berkeley to encourage TRC’s runners to compete.


Road Race Championship 2013

The following rules will apply to the RRC in 2013.

Please note that the TRC Committee has now widened the definition of ‘road running’ in this competition to include any event during the calendar year, whether on road or off road, as long as it is one of the 3 distances listed below, and provides an official result over an accurately measured distance.  TRC handicaps therefore do not qualify.

It has also been decided to exclude the Sundayshill 10k, since Club members are expected to make themselves available to marshal this race.

Trophies will be awarded to Club members in the following categories:

Female RRC Champion

Male RRC Champion

Female RRC Champion – Age-adjusted

Male RRC Champion – Age-adjusted

Only one cup will be awarded to any individual.  Where an athlete is a winner in both categories, the age-adjusted trophy will be awarded to the runner-up in that category.

Only distances below will count towards the RRC.  N.B.  To qualify for the RRC runners must enter as TRC Club members and are therefore expected to wear Club colours.




In order to qualify in this competition you must complete at least one race in each of these distances.  Your best result at each distance will be used to calculate your overall total.

The male and female champions will have the lowest total time.

The age-adjusted champions, male and female, will have the highest overall percentage (based on a universally-used algorithm – has some background, if you are interested).

Only the official race results for each race will be used, so it is imperative to run in your own name!

Our thanks to Craig Carscadden  for acting as organiser of this Championship.

Please email him ( or otherwise send him in writing any race result you wish to be included in your series.  Only these results will be counted.  Craig will be the final arbiter in judging whether an event qualifies for inclusion.

Happy Running!

Gareth Thomas

January 2013

For runners of all standards