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Flying the Flag Awards 2012 – Rules

To qualify for the Flying the Flag Awards competitors must enter as TRC Club members and are therefore expected to wear Club colours.  Any running race qualifies – including fell races, cross country league races, triathlon, duathlon, or aquathlon – subject to the paragraph below.

The three open races organised by Thornbury Running Club (currently Riverbank Rollick,  Sundayshill 10k, and Oldbury Power Station 10 mile, also the Oldbury Fun Run) will not be included since Club members are expected to make themselves available to marshal these events.

Trophies will be awarded to Club members as follows:

Between 10 and 14 races  â€“ Bronze award

15 – 19 races  â€“ Silver award

20 or more races – Gold award.

Races are counted from 1st January to 31st December in each year.

DNF (Did Not Finish) results will count: failure to start the race will not.

Only the official race results for each race will be used, so it is imperative to run in your own name!

It is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that the race result is passed to Judy Mills (see below) although she will include any results appearing on the Thornbury Running Club website,

Our thanks to Judy Mills for acting as organiser for these Awards.

Please email her ( or otherwise send her in writing any race result you wish to be included in your series. Judy will be the final arbiter in judging whether an event qualifies for inclusion.

Happy Running!

Gareth Thomas

January 2012

For runners of all standards