Flying the Flag

These new awards were introduced in 2012 to encourage participation in races and representing the club and were based on the number of times members represented the Club over a calendar year.  Any runner who ran for the Club 10-14 times, Jan – Dec won a bronze award, 15-19 times silver and in excess of 20 times gold!  

Almost any race counted, providing:

1. you entered as Thornbury Running Club
2. you wore Club colours

TRC’s own races (Rollick, Sundays Hill, OPS10, also the Oldbury fun-run) did NOT count as this penalised those who marshalled – and marshalling or helping is more important than running on those occasions.

Here are the rules for Flying The Flag.

The award was discontinued after 2015 and is currently dormant.

Here are previous year results:






For runners of all standards