Membership Notes

UK Athletics (UKA), Association of Running Clubs (ARC) and the British Triathlon Association (BTA).

UKA is the main body governing athletics in the UK, offering courses and qualifications for coaches and officials. England Athletics (EA) is its regional arm. It offers clubs like ours two categories of membership, a) at club level, and b) at individual member level.

TRC sees clear advantages in club membership, and has voted to affiliate as a club (EA listed as Thornbury RC ref 2658698).

Club members who wish to join as individual members can do so through the club and the club subsidies the membership fee. Currently EA membership is £15 per year and the club will support this by £5 leaving the member £10 to pay.

UKA offers £2 race discounts to individual members. You are strongly advised to take out individual EA membership if you intend representing the Club in a team event (e.g. Midland Counties XC).

Association of Running Clubs (ARC)

The ARC was established in 2007 and aims to provide a service to clubs like our own. It has been set up specifically for running clubs. Because it does not have to support expensive track and field activities, or a complex administration, it is able to offer clubs affiliation for their whole membership at a much lower fee than UKA.

ARC issues race permits in the same way that UKA does, but accredits all the runners in a club, not just the club itself. So you can claim the £2 discount in any race you enter that is organised under ARC rules.

Clarification of the term ‘attached’ on race application forms.

If the race is licensed under UKA rules, saying you are ‘attached’ means confirming that you are a member of a UKA-affiliated club (which you are), AND also that you have paid the individual England Athletics membership fee – which most of our members do not. The latter will give you an individual membership number that you may be asked to quote. There would normally be no cross-checking of a seven digit number on paper applications (too time-consuming) but on-line applications will do so automatically in an instant and will not normally accept an incorrectly quoted number.

ARC is much less demanding. If the race is licensed under ARC rules, saying you are ‘attached’ means confirming that you are a member of an ARC-affiliated club (which you are). There is no further question to answer and no individual membership number exists for you.

British Triathlon Association (BTA).

The Club is affiliated to the British Triathlon Association (BTA). This offers a number of advantages, particularly in insurance cover for officials and coaches (but not to individuals outside these areas). Club members may freely participate in the organised weekly training sessions of the cyclists – there is no additional Club subscription for participating in these activities.

Our Club affiliation to the BTA means that members are entitled to a significant discount when they apply to the BTA for their individual








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