Final Call for Riverbank Rollick – Sunday 15th January 2023

This mail is going out to all Club Members.

We are very grateful to all those Members who have already volunteered to help out on our main event of the year. We are already sold out with 425 entries.

However we are still quite short of Course Marshals and we are appealing again for Club Members to step-up and volunteer as we need to make sure our event is run safely and to our usual high standard.

Please check your name and position – note you may be on the schedule for more than one job so check carefully. This Organisation schedule is the latest V5 and please be aware this may be updated over the course of the next two weeks. A later version will be sent out as necessary.

The Course Marshals are in 6 Teams. Each Team has a designated Leader who will set-up and sign the Course. Your job is to look after the runners and clear the course after the Last Runner (Jerry Clothier) has gone by. Guidance Notes for the Course Marshals is attached Rollick 2023 Marshalls Notes.

The Lead-out Team A and the 6 Course Marshal Teams all have a position  – A1 to A9 and positions 1 to 51 shown on the Riverbank Rollick Route 2023 Map attached .

The Lead out map from the Castle School to the Start and the last Section 6 through the Hatch & Shieling School Grounds are also attached

Ros is leading two recce’s of the course on Friday 30th Dec at 08.30 from the Scout Hut opposite the Castle School and at 08.30 on Saturday 31st December.

A further opportunity to recce the course will be on the Residents Letter drop which will be on Sunday 8th January 08.30 from the Scout Hut.

Amy questions please contact Jo Plumbley or Arthur Renshaw