Club Weekly Bulletin w/c 18/09 – Big Diary update

Thursday Club Night Leaders

Walking – Val / 5k – Amel / 10 min – Steve / 9 min – Hugh / 8 min – Hannah / 7 min – Paul

All runs now require hi-viz and head torches please.

Tea Rota                                                      

22/9 – Jonathan Hall / 29/9 – Jerry Clothier / 6/10 – Arthur Renshaw / 13/10 – Steve Dimond

What’s On …

  1. Gloucester League Cross Country
    Hannah & Jim G have kindly agreed to be XC Captains again this season. All communications about XC will be in the ‘TRC Cross Country’ WhatsApp group. Not sure if you are in the group? If you didn’t see the message sent Tues 13/9, then you are not in the group. Like to be added to the group? Contact Hannah, Jim G or Kevin W. A full list of XC races and a picture of Lorna is here:

2. Leaders
We need more leaders please. We have some long term injuries and leaders changing groups which means we have 3 leaders for the 7 min group, 4 for 8 min, 4 for 9 min, 7 for 10 min and 4 for 12 min. So every group, except 10 min, needs 1 or 2 more leaders to cover for injury, illness, family, work etc. If we don’t get more leaders coming forward we will have to combine groups if we have a leader shortage. If you would like more info, no commitment or obligation, please speak to Kevin W

  1. Olveston Fun Run
    This is a great local community event on Sunday 9th October in support of Olveston School with a 5k off road run and a 1k run for younger children. It would be terrific to see a good turnout from the club in club kit. Entry available