By Joanne Plumbley

As September is for me the official start of Winter, and Cornish cliff running decidedly too cold for comfort, I wonder how Ros ever talked me into entering the 80 mile 3 day Atlantic Coast Challenge? However, she did, and efficiently ordered in some late summer sun and some stunning scenery to make for a magical trio of trail marathons from Padstow to Lands End.

On day 1, a panoramic Padstow to Perranporth path was bathed in sunshine and there was no rain in the forecast to endanger Ros’ immaculate make-up efforts. So after about 20 minutes delay whilst I turned embarrassingly and frustratingly in ever decreasing circles under the unattainable aspiration of calibrating my watch compass, we got going. Adopting a sensible (honest!) pace from the start, we set about the 42 kilometre route along the coastal path. Despite the chastisement of silent seal watchers who were less than impressed with our exuberant exclamations of delight, we successfully progressed along the cliffs and beaches thoroughly enjoying stunning sunshine and seascapes along the way.

Day 2 – Perranporth to St Ives was destined to be a mere 41Km but unwilling to accept such absence of challenge we opted to sand-ski through the dunes adding sufficient adventurous ascents to ensure acceptable levels of finish line exhaustion. Another beautiful day to showcase an exquisite coastline in all its finery.

Starting out in St Ives on day 3 we arrived at a blustery Lands End after 7 hours of boulders, beaches and breath-taking vistas and were welcomed to an amazing ocean sunset and the nation’s shortest lived Cornish pasties. Thank you Ros for another amazing adventure – now we just need Natalie to have serious words with a non cooperative hamstring so we can all hit the trails together again soon.

Congratulations to Ros and Jo on another amazing feat of endurance; don’t know how you do it! Hope Natalie is restored to racing fitness very soon too.