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Bulletin w/c 15/08 – Mob Match

Thursday Club Night Leaders

Walking – Val / 5k – Caron / 10 min – Steve / 9 min – Kev C /  8 min – Kevin / 7 min – Nick

Tea Rota                                                      

18/8 – Natalie Bennett / 25/8 – Karen Carr / 01/9 –  Lorna Chambers / 8/9 – Mark Rogers

What’s On …

Mob Match 11/8 … Final Message

At Thursday Night’s Mob Match Chepstow turned up in force with 66 runners to Thornbury’s 44. 17 extra runners certainly helps as Chepstow won the Ladies 739 to 389, Men’s 951 to 760 and overall 3273 to 2292. Thanks to Carol for marshalling the kissing gate, assisting with number distribution and general support. To the Walking Group for marshalling the turnaround point. To Julie (Wood) for starting the race, delivering water to the turnaround point, delivering the cakes, dispensing water and support. The Individual results are here. Paul has already sent out a full Race Report.

Oldbury 10 Mile – Sunday 18th Sept

We need your help please to promote and marshal this event, the third event in the 2022 Club Event Series and how the Club raises funds to support  Run & Rehydrate, Annual Party etc. enjoyed by all Club members.  We have 10 people signed up to marshal and we need 61 for a safe event. Please sign up ASAP here, thank you. If you could please tell your neighbours, friends, work colleagues, re-post the Facebook posts etc … anything to get this to a wider audience as we need more runners too. Thanks.


Thornbury vs Chepstow mob match report

Generations of Chepstow children have gazed out across the shimmering Severn and wondered who was so rich and famous that they got to live in that Big White House?  The Mayor of Thornbury?  Arthur Renshaw?

So there was palpable excitement from our Mob Match opponents, Chepstow Harriers, as they turned out in force, excited by the opportunity to see this landmark abode for themselves.  Hopefully they weren’t too disappointed to discover it was a decommissioned nuclear power-plant.   Still, they must be warmly congratulated for turning out in such fantastic numbers for an away fixture in August.  Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, and owner of Thornbury Castle, must be rolling in his substantial grave.  Although his efforts to keep the Welsh at bay have been somewhat undermined in recent decades by the M4 and M48 bridges.   

With the mercury still above 30 degrees at 7pm there was a suggestion that the Mob Match be resolved over games of petanque at the Anchor, washed down with ice-cold sauvignon blanc.  Instead after a very cursory ‘warm up’ we found ourselves assembling for a 5km dash along the Mad Max-esque bleached-blonde banks of the Severn, to the consternation and utter bewilderment of the slow-strolling dog-walkers.

Any thoughts that the run out into the headwind would be a cagey and tactical affair were immediately dispelled by Nick Williams charging off at 5 min 45 mile pace.  Andy Wilson’s usual race tactic is to run himself to the point of utter exhaustion, and then accelerate. He was the only other runner willing and/or able to pick up Nick’s gauntlet, and Andy pushed his team mate all the way to the finish line.   Nick a deserved winner of the 3 mile race in 16 mins and 56 seconds, with Andy a fine second place just five seconds behind.

Phil Blackburn has taken a well-earned holiday following the end of the football season, so was maybe not quite at his sharpest, although I wonder what would have happened if he’d gone with the leaders.   He still picked his way through the field to finish in 4th place overall, just behind the lead Chepstow runner, in 17 mins 15 seconds. Conner Vidal-Cocker is a relatively recent recruit to the TRC stable, but he already looks like a thoroughbred champion in waiting.  He paced his effort to perfection, pulling away from a cohort of Chepstownians, to finish in 5th, in 17:29.  Paul Harrod, who was a human parasol for a group of runners on the out-leg, also finished strongly in 17:47 to finish 7th.   At this early stage TRC were well out in the lead of the men’s and overall race.

Unfortunately at this point Chepstow’s weight of numbers started to tell, and they stacked the positions from 8th to 30th with just a handful of TRC runners bucking the trend.   That is not to say there were not some excellent individual performances within that mix.  Jim Godden ran a fantastic 19:32; Ash Blackmore ran 20:28, while George Evans in 20:32 and Asten Haynes, 20:49, are both recovering from injury, and should be heartily thanked for turning out to bag us some points despite both knowing they’d be far further up the tow-path if fully fit.

It takes a special athlete to beat the top TRC female runners, and so we should congratulate the brilliant Katherine Matthews who won the ladies race, and was 8th overall, in 18 minutes flat.  Such was the quality of performance from Chepstow’s leading ladies that Avon 10k road champion Lucie Wilson had to settle for 4th place, in a still fabulous time of 19:28.   Club road race champion Ali Vaz was second TRC lady, and 6th overall, in 20 mins exactly.  Jo Plumbley was brilliantly consistent as always to come home next for TRC in 21:34, just 10 seconds or so ahead of Natalie Bennett who had to sprint to the line to hold off a trio of fast-finishing Harriers.   Julia Jolley in 23:33 and  Ashleigh Ferris in 24 minutes exactly made up our top 6.   Despite these wonderful efforts Chepstow won the overall ladies competition pretty decisively.

Apologies that there is not the space to mention everyone who ran.  It was, without exception, a tremendous achievement to run in that heat and to score points for our team.  Even if a few sun-sapped and heat-addled later finishers mistook the picnic table set up 50 yards up the path for the finish line. Inevitably Chepstow’s numerical advantage meant they won the match, but our senior men definitely had the edge at the top-end of the field.   Perhaps we need to annex Berkeley to boost our numbers for future matches?
A huge thank you to Kevin Wood, and his family, and all those who organised this brilliant event.   Thank you to the marshals, and especially to Carol Mosses.   She was the sole person at the kissing gate, and not only coped with a wave of runners hurtling through the tiny gap in the gate, but even had time to set up a temporary traffic-light system to give priority to the faster-returning runners.   Which also meant that our Chepstow guests got a taste of the authentic Thornbury experience.  Thank you to the Chepstow captain for organising the chip-timing; that really enhanced the race, and meant we got the results accurately and promptly.   There was a warm and convivial atmosphere between the teams as we refreshed ourselves in the gardens of the Anchor pub by the light of the Sturgeon moon.  The Harriers returned home in triumph to Chepstow – or ‘transfluvial Thornbury’ as the estate agents call it in a bid to boost house prices.  But the best result of the night was the growing consensus that this fixture is now going to be a regular event in our club calendars.

Club Weekly Bulletin w/c 25/7 – Emmanuel Kipruto Bundotich

Thursday Club Night Leaders

Walking – Val / 12 min – Nigel / 10 min – tbc / 9 min – Hugh / 8 min – Hannah / 7 min – Nick

Tea Rota                                                      

28/7 Carol M – 4/8 / Malcolm Carr / 11/8 – Mob Match /18/8 – Natalie Bennett

What’s On …

  1. Mob Match 11/8

The mob match vs Chepstow will be the club night run on 11/8. This is a home match (Oldbury) over a distance (5k) good for everyone in the Club. We need your details please for the chip timing (and so I order enough cakes!). Details here. Please enter here. Run followed by (free) cakes and a beer (not free) at The Anchor, what’s not to like! 30 people signed up so far … we need a whole lot more please.

  1. Emmanuel Kipruto Bundotich

When Paul & James were in Iten, Kenya  recently they met and trained with Emmanuel. The plan is for him to spend a week with us in September and to attempt to break the twelve year old Oldbury Power 10 miles record of 50min.19sec. His 10k time is 28:22 at altitude! Here is an outline plan for how he will spend his time with us, more details to follow:

  • Thursday 15/9 – Emmanuel runs & chats with 8 min group (Run & Rehydrate Night)
  • Sunday 18/9 – Oldbury Power 10 mile race
  • Tuesday 20/9 – Leads ‘Kenyan Tuesday Night Coaching’ session- venue tbc
  • Wednesday 21/9 – ‘Drill, Stretches & Core Session’ + ‘Running in Kenya’ with Emmanuel & Paul – venue tba
  • Thursday 22nd – Emmanuel runs & chats with 7 min group
  • Sunday 25th – Bristol half Marathon

He will also be available for 1:1 coaching during this week. The above is all subject to him getting final visa approval which we have helped him with.

  1. Thornbury 10k

Thanks to those who took the time to give constructive feedback regarding the Thornbury 10k. This was the first real volume test of the course and we learned a lot from it. We discussed this at the committee meeting on Thursday and we are going to make a number of changes resulting from this. We now turn our attention to the Oldbury Power 10 miles 18/9, more details soon.

  1. Races?

So far I have only received two responses to this request. The idea was to get people to give you support by knowing what events you had entered. If you have entered London Marathon, Great North Run, Bristol Half or Bath Half please let me know so we can compile a list of Club runners for everyone to track on the day. Please send to

  1. Pete Mainstone Challenge Update

The next event is 28/8 – Severn Bridge 10k. After 3 events in the 2022-23 Pete Mainstone Challenge Paul Saville is leading the Men’s outright table. The next four places (Phil Blackburn, Ben Bohane, Paul Harrod and Simon Pinnington) are separated by 5 points. In the Men’s age adjusted Paul is still in first place followed by Nick Langridge and Simon Pinnington. Only two ladies in the competition, so far, with Hannah in 1st place followed by Lizzie. All results and next event


PMC latest

TRC Bulletin for w/c 18th July 2022

Thursday Club Night Leaders

7min: Rob / 8min: Lizzie  / 9min: Kev C  / 10min: Jim W / 12 min (5k): Amel / Walking: Val

Tea Rota                                                      

21/7 Arthur – 28/7 Carol M – 4/8 – Malcolm Carr / 11/8 – Mob Match

What’s On …

  1. Thornbury 10k

Thanks to everyone involved in organising the 10k (Ros, Jo & Arthur) and to everyone who marshalled. We had 250+ entries and 162 finishers. James Harrod won and set a course record of 34:50.  This was the first year for this event so we would really appreciate your feedback. You may not marshal the same spot next year so comments on safety and traffic would be helpful please. For example, at the spot where I was the group of us had to improvise as conditions and traffic on a Thursday night were different from the Sunday morning trial. Any comment to

  1. Mob Match 14/8

Thursday 14th August Club night will be a mob match vs Chepstow. It’s a 5k in Oldbury to allow everyone can take part. Details here. Please enter here, we need your details for the chip timing. Run followed by (free) cakes and a beer (not free) at The Anchor, what’s not to like!

  1. Pete Mainstone Challenge Update

After 3 events in the 2022-23 Pete Mainstone Challenge Paul Saville is leading the Men’s outright table. The next four places (Phil Blackburn, Ben Bohane, Paul Harrod and Simon Pinnington) are separated by 5 points. In the Men’s age adjusted Paul is still in first place followed by Nick Langridge and Simon Pinnington. Only two ladies in the competition, so far, with Hannah in 1st place followed by Lizzie. The next event is 28/8 – Severn Bridge 10k. All results and next event

  1. Races?

If you have entered London Marathon, Great North Run, Bristol Half of bath Half please let me know so we can compile a list of Club runners for everyone to track on the day. Please send to

  1. Castle to Coast Tri

Castle to Coast Tri from Windsor to Brighton on Saturday 23rd July has 9 club members taking part. Sarah Newnes, Chris Pritchard, Natalie Bennett, Kevin Cundy, Jo Emerson, Claire Watt and Maria Hobbs are taking part in the full tri – 1.2 mile swim, 67 mile cycle and 14 mile run. John Watt (Swim), Joe – Ashleigh’s fiancé (Bike) & Ashleigh Ferris (run) are a relay team. Event tracker details not yet available. Good luck to you all.


Club Weekly Bulletin w/c 11/7 – Castle to Coast

Thursday Club Night Leaders

Thornbury 10k this Thurday – No run groups

Tea Rota                                                      

 14/7 No tea (Thornbury 10k) –  21/7 Arthur – 28/7 Carol M – 4/8 – Malcolm Carr

What’s On …

  1. Thornbury 10k

An e-mail detailing all Marshalling jobs was sent out Thursday (7th) from Arthur. If you have not received it, or have any questions please contact Ros or Arthur. We have over 240 entries and look forward to seeing everyone marshalling next week and for a beer afterwards at The Anchor.  Start Time 19.30

  1. Cotswold Way Relay

The TRC Men’s Vets team finished third in their category! Nathan, Paul T, Paul H, Danny, George, Chris W, Kevin W, Gary, Rob W and Jim G completed the 103 miles in 14:29:28 just 00:7:29 behind 2nd place and 00:9:35 behind the winners. 4th place were almost 1 hour behind. The two mixed teams were 19th (16:57:45) and 47th (20:06:21). Both teams were disadvantaged by having stages with no runners, this meant they were awarded cut off time + 15 mins. Sean was 1st man on leg 5 and Taryn 1st lady leg 9. Full results and write up to follow from Paul.

  1. Mob Match 14/8

We now have 24 in the team. Details here. Please enter here, we need your details for the chip timing funded by the club. Run followed by (free) cakes and a beer (not free) at The Anchor, what’s not to like!

  1. Castle to Coast Tri

Saturday 23rd July see 9 TRC members taking part in the Castle to Coast Tri. 1.2 mile swim, 67 mile cycle (3,300 feet gain)  and 14 mile run (90% trail) from Windsor to Brighton. The following are taking part in the full tri: Sarah Newnes, Chris Pritchard, Natalie Bennett, Kevin Cundy, Jo Emerson, Claire Watt and Maria Hobbs The following are taking part in a relay team: John Watt (Swim), Joe – Ashleigh’s fiancé (Bike) & Ashleigh Ferris (run). The race starts at 8.15 at Eaton Dorney in Windsor, with the transition to the bike at the Hassocks Leisure Centre in Hassocks (BN6 8LP) and the finish line is Hove Lawns, Kingsway Brighton. According to the event guide there will be an online tracker, once we have the link we will make it available to everyone. Good luck to you all.



Cotswold Way Relay 2022 – race report

The Cotswold Way Relay gets harder each year. I can’t imagine the depths of endurance required, the relentless mental focus, and the sheer, bloody-minded determination it takes. Some say it is an impossible job.

Yet somehow Judy Mills manages to get three teams out, and ensures the correct race results are fed back.

As for running the race? That’s the easy bit!

A huge thank you once again to Judy, and fellow team captains Rob Watkins and Kev Cundy for coaxing and cajoling 27 TRC members to make up our three relay teams. Rob led the Firethorn team, which had to be reshuffled more times than Boris’ Cabinet – a motley crew of over-40s male veterans, who somehow managed to tape themselves up and make it to the start-line.

Kevin helmed the Quickthorn team – a mixture of some of the club’s fastest and youngest prospects, alongside some wily older hands. There really is no substitute for experience at this level. Well, apart from running speed, but let’s not be picky. Firethorn and Quickthorn looked evenly matched on paper. Last year the male vets team only secured victory by a handful of minutes with the race still up for grabs going into the final leg. Judy captained the Hawthorn team, another mixed team, although sadly not a full roster on this occasion.

There was never a chance of a repeat of 2018 and 2019’s furnace-like conditions. However the wind (and later the rain) played a significant part. Usually the prevailing south-westerly deals a glancing blow to the runners on the more exposed early stages. This year the Minchinhampton Mistral smacked into our faces with all the force of a Tyson Fury straight right, and the only time the wind eased was when the rain had settled in. It was soon apparent this was unlikely to be a year for course records.

Stage 1 often attracts some of the best runners, as the leading teams stack their line-ups. This year the stage was won by a multiple winner of the South West cross country title, and a 15 min 5k runner. That puts Ben Bohane’s eighth place overall into perspective. This was yet another remarkable run from the club’s Stokes-like all-rounder who covered this 12 mile stage, featuring savagely steep ascents and descents, in a fraction over 90 mins, despite getting lost at one point. However any thought that Quickthorn would establish a commanding early lead in the intra-club race was short-lived, as emerging out of the early-morning mist, like a modern day Owain Glyndwr (with an advanced accounting qualification) came Nathan Darkin in a fabulous run of 1hr 46 mins. Collette Jackson got Hawthorn on the board with a fine run of 1hr 56.

Paul Thomas clawed that time back for Firethorn on leg 2. His recent ultra runs on trails clearly helped him on this very demanding stage. Paul descended like a wheel of the finest Double Gloucester to take a splendid second place in the vets race, and despite an excellent CWR debut for women’s club 10k champion Ali Vaz, who ran 2hr 7mins, Paul took Firethorn into the lead. Not far behind Ali was Julia Jolley in 2hrs 15.

Chris Foley and Mike Bennewitz would be quietly confident in any race that was scored on an age-adjusted basis. However the CWR is done solely on time, yet they still did their teams proud. On the journey up, Chris suggested he was aiming for 1hr 45, but instead obliterated that mark with a fabulous time of just over 1hr 28 mins. Mike was not far behind, finishing as the rain began to fall, with an excellent 1hr 39. Paul Harrod took Firethorn into the lead in the overall vets competition with a solid run of 1hr 6 mins, that earned him a top-10 place, and second male veteran. That would have been two minutes quicker if not for getting lost on one section, and quicker still if he could find a way of negotiating the sharpest descents in a style that doesn’t resemble a broken fridge-freezer being lowered into a municipal skip.

Sadly there was no runner for Hawthorn on leg 4, but there was excitement in seeing whether Danny Bonnett could extend Firethorn’s lead over Quickthorn, especially when up against club legend Jo Plumbley, who has run the Cotswold Way so frequently I’m surprised they haven’t named a section after her. Danny did a brilliant job in what I think may be his club racing debut (??) finishing 4th veteran in 1hr 38. Jo ran brilliantly, as always, and her 2hr 7 mins was very competitive in her personal age category, but the remorseless logic of the stopwatch meant that team Firethorn was now pulling ahead. Would the club competition be over before we even got to Stroud?

Not so fast! Leg 5 saw one of the day’s highlights, and an extremely rare, and therefore all the more celebrated, stage win for TRC. The brilliant Sean Leadbetter managed to outsprint his Bristol and West rival to complete the 11.7 mile stage in a staggering (literally, at the end, I imagine) 1hr and 20 mins. A quite brilliant achievement – chapeau! Sean’s win grabbed back some time for Quickthorn, but not perhaps as much as might be expected, because Firethorn had the ever-reliable George Evans – the Lycra Woman’s Nigel Havers – on the same leg. George was inside the top 15 – second veteran – and only conceded 16 minutes to the outstanding stage winner. Judy Mills took a break from the incessant race admin by running 2hrs and 28 mins for Hawthorn.

Kev Cundy and Jim Williams finished stage 6 almost at the same time, both recording 1hr 47 mins over one of the legs with more elevation than descent: Ebley Mill to Dursley. Chris Worrall buttressed Firethorn’s lead with a wonderful run of 1hr and 15 minutes, which started to pull the team safely into the top 3 of the overall veterans’ competition. Chris was also second vet in the race, and 9th overall. I hope he is going to be a regular racer for TRC over the roads and trails for many years to come.

There was eager anticipation to see the outcome of the race on stage 7 between father and son-in-law Kevin Wood and Chris Pritchard. In the end the gaps between all three TRC runners was the closest of any stage. Ellen Perrett had an excellent race for Hawthorn, and finished in 1hr 27 minutes. Kevin kept Firethorn in the hunt for overall veteran competition honours by running 1h 16. Chris played it safe, and rather like surreptitiously missing a putt on the 18th when playing golf against your boss, he finished a discrete couple of minutes behind Kevin! In all seriousness, Kevin deserves our congratulations, and thanks, for overcoming some significant back pain to not only race, but to do so with distinction.

Stage 8 is one of the longest and toughest in the race, and so Firethorn needed a dependable runner to maintain their lead over Quickthorn, and aim for a strong position in the overall team competition. Thankfully they had that in Garry Slater, who finished in a magnificent third place in the vets race in 1hr 38. Sadly Quickthorn didn’t have a runner for this stage, which essentially ended the intra-TRC competition, but Hawthorn had Rob Hopkins, who must have wondered what the fuss was all about – (only 12 miles of 1 in 3 gradient – too easy!) – who ran 2hrs and 8 minutes.

If a TRC stage win is a rarity, two in a day is possibly a first! The club librarians are still consulting the archives, but I think Taryn Roberts has once again made history. She was the clear winner in the tough stage 9 – and recorded the 6th fastest time by a female athlete in the history of that stage, in 1hr 9 mins and 52 seconds. More importantly she beat Rob Watkins by seven seconds, and I wish I’d been there to witness that sprint finish into Cold Ashton! To be so close to Taryn meant that Rob obviously had a wonderful race himself, and he was yet another Firethorn runner to come home as second male veteran overall. In my opinion Clare Watt is arguably the best runner in the club on an age-graded basis, and while this race is done purely on time, her effort of 1hr 24 minutes was still an incredibly good performance. I think Clare, Rob and stage-winner Taryn win the award for best collective stage by TRC runners this year.

And so, as the afternoon sun dappled across the honey-coloured stones of Bath Abbey (or maybe the rain lashed against the buttresses and battlements – it was a day of changeable weather) Hannah Hamilton and Jim Godden completed another successful day of racing. The final stage, like the opening stage, tends to have some of the best overall runners, so their positions as eighth woman and seventh male veteran would probably have been higher had they raced on other legs. Jim finished in 1hr 16 and Hannah in 1hr 20.

The remarkable consistency of the Firethorn vets team won us a third place overall in the team competition – in a cumulative time of 14hrs and 29 minutes, just 8 minutes behind Team Bath. We just should have run 1% quicker and we’d have been second! That is still a fantastic team performance, and (lente, lente, currite noctis equi) the inexorable march of time means that some of the club’s promising young mid-30 year olds should soon become available for selection. Team Quickthorn need to regroup and lick their (presumably bramble?) wounds. They were missing a few of the club’s very fastest runners this year, but should be more than consoled with two heroic stage wins for Sean and Taryn. Hawthorn sadly didn’t get a full team out this year, but still have some excellent individuals performances, especially if age-graded results were taken into account.

Next year the Cotswold Way Relay wends it way through Clarkson Country on Saturday 1st July. Please put the date in your diary, and let’s give the team captains some selection headaches to go alongside the admin ones!

Thornbury 10k – Thursday 14th July . Start 19.30

All the details for those who have volunteered to help with our 10k next Thursday were sent out by e-mail  about 5pm this afternoon.

If you have not received your instructions and you thought you had put your name down to help then please get in touch with me – we are still a few places short.

Arthur Renshaw

07810 300025


parkrun of the month for June – and Bradley Stoke 10k race reports

Thornbury Running Club finally provided definitive proof to the age-old question that has divided the long-distance athletics community for years: does eating pizza washed down by a couple of pints of lager fewer than 36 hours before a big race improve performance?

And we can say, with confident assurance – yes it does.

That’s the only plausible explanation for the flurry of PBs that TRC members recorded at the ‘parkrun’ of the month’, which took place on Saturday at Chipping Sodbury, not long after our very enjoyable club night at the Olveston social club.  To those who say that Domino’s and San Miguel might not be the optimal nutritional strategy for a flat out 5K, I just say ‘follow the science’.

Paul Thomas had at least nine slices of pizza, (‘OK, this is getting into libel territory now’ Ed.) and that, rather than his consistent and focused training mileage, was the direct cause of his stunning new course PB of 19:14, for 11th place overall, and an age-graded score just under the magic 80%.   Hannah Hamilton had also been partaking of the pepperoni and she was rewarded by essentially equalling her PB, to finish second women overall – which is a fantastic achievement – and running 20:45.  Nathan Darkin had a pizza the action as well, and smashed his PB , (21:32), while Chris Foley was only a handful of seconds outside of his best which was set more than three years ago.

This month’s parkrun coincided with the graduation of the most recent cohort of the ‘couch to 5k’ beginners.   Congratulations to all of them, and thank you to the TRC coaches for continuing to run these excellent sessions.    Melinda Evans and Sam Glew were among the TRC members to run Chipping Sodbury parkrun for the first time.

Elsewhere last Saturday, other thin-crust crusaders included Ben Bohane winning Thornbury parkrun for the 12th time in 18:26; Phil Blackburn running his fastest parkrun time at any venue, coming third at Burgess parkrun in a brilliant 17:15, while Simon Pinnington ran 20:01 to come first at Wotton for the fifth time.   More observant readers might point out that Simon didn’t make it to the beer and pizza night, and thus our ground-breaking dietary study is undermined, but I can assure you that Simon had at least three Thatchers’ and a Papa John’s the night before, so the evidence base is further strengthened.

A handful of TRC members also turned out for the Bradley Stoke 10k, which was held on Sunday 5th June.  This is an extremely popular event organised by another thriving local club the (hey sisters) Sole Sisters.   Tom Usherwood was first TRC runner in 44:27, finishing in an excellent 5th place in his age category, which is as venerable as Joe Root’s test match batting average.  Paul Saville wasn’t far behind in 46:41, while Chris Pritchard (51:37) and Paul Reeves (58:01) made up our male team for this event.   Carol Mosses was the sole TRC sister this time around, and finished in 1hr 18 mins.

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TRC Bulletin for w/c 13th June 2022

Thursday Club Night Leaders

7min: Rob / 8min: Mel  / 9min: Chris P  / 10min: Suzy / 12 min (5k): Caron / Walking: tba

Tea Rota                                                      

 16th June Romeo Maddalena / 23rd June  Tom Witherbed / 30th June Kevin Arnold

What’s On …

  1. Mob Match

Only 11 people so far, but plenty of time. Mob match vs Chepstow Thursday 11th August. A home match starting from The Anchor and going out to the Power Station. 5k run starts at 7:30. Details here. Please enter here. Run followed by (free) cakes and a (not free) beer at The Anchor, what’s not to like!

2. Cotswold Way Relay

Team captains Rob Watkins (vets), Mike Bennewitz (mixed) & Kev Cundy (mixed) are looking for a few more team members + reserves. Please Enter here. We have now opened to non-TRC members at £20 per head (no charge to TRC members).

3. Thornbury 10k – Thurs 14th July

We seem to have stalled at 32 people who have kindly volunteered.  We had 55 at Pizza night and funds from races help support these activities, so we should get at least 55 volunteers! Please Volunteer here, thank you. Thursday 14th July, race starting at 19:30.

4. Ticks

As we are running off road at the moment please be aware of ticks, especially when running through long grass

5. Thursday Tea Rota

This week’s appeal for volunteers which went out to all 150 Members resulted in just 2 people joining the Tea Rota! We need more people to volunteer. Reply to this e-mail or text 07810 300025


TRC Thursday Night Tea Rota – short of people!

We are very short of people who are prepared to do Tea on a Thursday night.

All you need to do is turn up in the downstairs room at 18.50 with a litre of milk and look after any kit bags left whilst people are out running.

Val will have done the set-up so your job is to make tea/coffee/squash for the returning Groups.

If you can volunteer to do Tea one night that would be appreciated. Reply to this e-mail or send a text to 07810 300025

We need volunteers for Thursday 30 June onwards.

Thanks       Arthur Renshaw