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Cotswold Way Relay – Sat 29th June

Less than two weeks to the Cotswold Way Relay and I bet you are all wishing you had entered – but wait! It might not be too late!

I have just read their website and they have decided to allow us to add to our Club Squad up until June 22 (it was May 17 previously), so if you are a member and would like to go on the reserve list, please give me your date of birth and tell me if you are EA registered or not and I will add you.

There will be no obligation to take up a place if one does become free, and perhaps no-one else will get injured or sick, and we won’t need you. And don’t worry that you don’t know the way as it’s pretty well signposted, but also someone will run a recce with you right up to the last minute.

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Bristol Urban Tough Mudder – 5k. Friday 5th July and Sat 6th July. Interested?

Bristol Urban Tough Mudder – 5k. Friday 5th July and Sat 6th July.

Are any of you interested in entering the Bristol Urban 5k Tough Mudder on 5th or 6th July on Clifton Downs?

If you are then we have been offered some very heavily discounted entries. (ie. free!)

This is open to all paid up Club Members on a first come, first served basis – Send me your name and preferred day (Fri/Sat) by e-mail then I will send you a code to use for your entry.

Arthur Renshaw
Thornbury Running Club

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Cape Wrath 2019 … the story!

The Cape Wrath Challenge is a week-long series of running and social events based in the tiny village of Durness in Sutherland, where the road north turns right to become the road east along the coast. It was first held in 2002and Thornbury’s Pete Mainstone and Judy Mills are two of the dwindling number who have been to evey Challenge, usually taking other Club members to enjoy the scenery and hospitality as well as the running. The aim of the week has always been completion rather than competition, though a little of the latter is inevitable.

Held this year from 12-18 May, Chris Foley also took part, choosing, like Judy Mills, to run every race, and the longer option of each, the first of which was on Monday 13 May, a hilly but very scenic road half-marathon. Starting conservatively, Chris overtook Judy who was feeling the heat in the middle part of the race to complete in 2 hours 04.45 minutes. Judy followed in 2 hours 09.38 minutes.
Pete Mainstone chose the 10k option for the first day, finishing in one hour 15.02 minutes.

On Tuesday the 5.5 mile Two Lochs run showed runners the devastation that had been caused by a recent heath fire.Chris finished in 47.29 minutes, while Judy running with a friend crossed the line in 53.46 minutes.

Wednesdays runs again had two options; either 10 miles or 6 miles, mostly offroad, crossing moorland, a golf course, farmland and beach. Chris was taking his time to enjoy the views and completed the 10 miles in one hour 50.42, followed by Judy in one hour 54.23 minutes. Pete Mainstone chose the 6 mile distance which he completed in onehour 13.41 minutes.

The beach featured in Thursday’s run when the local schools also joined in with everyone encouragedto wear fancy dress. The run itself was only around 2 miles in length and very much a fun event. The Thornbury runners – who won third prize in the fancy dress competition – were seen posing on rocks part way round, so times were unrecorded and immaterial.
(look out for the photos on the website and in the Gazette)

The hardest run of the week was Saturday’s full-marathon-distance of 26.2 miles. Runners are bused to the ferry crossing the Kyle of Durness then started in batches. They run 11.5 miles to and around the lonely Cape Wrath lighthouse, then return to the ferry by the same route. The clock then stops while the ferry moves them back from ‘Cape Side’ to ‘Land Side’ and is restarted for the final 4.2 miles back to the village hall Chris had a good run over this somewhat unusual course to complete in four hours 26.50 minutes, with Judy, more familiar with it, finishing in five hours 02.26 minutes, and improvement on the previous two years. Pete joined with friends to run as part of a 3-person team, finishing the 4-mile stretch ‘Land Side’ in 50 minutes.

The normal 12-hour drive home to Thornbury was done mostly by AA relay, and took around 20 hours, but that’s another story.

Beach Run Fancy Dress
Beach Run Fancy Dress

Judy Mermaid Mills

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Thornbury Clinic are running a free Injury Prevention talk at Thornbury Leisure centre on Tuesday 7th May.

This talk is a practical session on the best way to warm up and cool down before exercise.

Areas covered include:
– Activation of the glutes – Exercises to get the bum working before sport.
– The healthy shoulder – Activation of the rotator cuff before exercising.
– Getting the back moving – Mobilisation of your mid spine to increase rotation.
– Foam rolling techniques – Ways to best utilise a foam roller to condition muscles.
– Stretch for success- The best stretches for the upper and lower body to prevent injury.

The session is a hands on session, so attendees are asked to wear loose clothes and comfortable shoes.

For more information or if TRC members would like to join, just click the link below and they can claim their free ticket.

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The Cotswold Way Relay – read this if you want to be in a Team.

Cotswold Way Relay, Saturday 29 June 2019

The 2019 Cotswold Way Relay appears to be under new management: there’s a new website, and teams have been registered much earlier than in previous years.

Last year Thornbury Running Club had 4 teams, and I applied for 4 again this year. Sadly, they were oversubscribed and have limited it to three teams per club as they will not allow more than 100 teams to take part.

For those new to the Cotswold Way Relay; this is a team competition. Clubs enter teams of 10 runners, and each runner races one Stage of the 103-mile long Cotswold Way. The winning Team is the one with the fastest time when all the Stages are added together.

Each Stage has a mass start, so 100 runners start together and race to the end of their Stage. The first Stage, Chipping Camden to Stanway House has an early (7am) start, and Stage 2, Stanway House to Cleeve Hill starts at 8.15, which is around the time the first Stage 1 runners might finish. This progresses through the day until Stage 10, Cold Ashton to Bath which starts at 5.20pm.

Over the past few years Thornbury has fielded a very quick Men’s Veterans (Over 40) Team, led by Rob Watkins, and they are consistently in the top 3 Vet teams. We now also have a number of very good younger runners, male and female, and Nick Williams is going to try to lead this Mixed Team to victory. If all else fails, he will settle for a victory over our Vets team. Both Rob and Nick will be selecting the best runners for their teams.

The third Team will also be Mixed and will be led by Kevin Cundy. A mixed team must have at least 3 female runners: their age is immaterial. In addition, this third team will not be selected on grounds of speed or ability, but is open to any Club member. If you are interested, please contact either Mike Bennewitz ( or myself (, giving us the Stage or Stages you would like to be considered-for – or alternatively any Stage you can’t do.

We need to know who is available by 5pm on Monday 29 April and then we will try to fit names to Stages as fairly as possible.

To help you see what you are signing-up for, the new website is at To check any Stage, look under the Route Information tab; clicking on the Yellow dot; this will give the elevation and length of that Stage while the Blue numbered dots give you a map.

We are going to need reserve runners as well; it is agreed that if any of Rob or Nick’s Teams lose runners, they will draw the best runners from what is left. This also means that the more flexible you are, the better chance you have of getting a place.

Entry fees are paid by the Club and especially as the cost has gone up this year, I want to stress that agreeing to a Stage is a commitment and not something runners should drop in and out of as the whim takes them. Of course we all get illnesses and injuries, but if you ask for a place, you are expected to make sure you know where you have to be and when, andif you are unable to race your Stage, let your Captain know as soon as you can. In practice we share lifts as far as possible, and many runners try to recce the route beforehand.

If you have any questions, please ask Mike or me.

Judy Mills

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Sunday 13th January – A further appeal for Marshals & Helpers

Our main Event the Riverbank Rollick is only just over 2 weeks away and we still need a lot more Marshals & Helpers on the day to make our event go smoothly. We are looking for about another 30 people to help sometime between 10.00 & 14.00

For those who have volunteered so far a big thank you – we will be getting back to you with your jobs & positions in the next few days.

For those of you who have yet to volunteer, and I think you know who you are, if you could get back to me or Jo in the next week that would be very helpful. If you can, please send me an e-mail with your availability.

Jo Emerson & Arthur Renshaw

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Christmas Party – Balance Required Please

We now need to pay the outstanding balance for the Christmas party (£20 per person) and let them know our menu choices. Please take a look at the below and fill in one of the slips that will be at club night. Please don’t reply to this message with your selection as we would like to keep all information in one format. Payment should be made by bank transfer into the club account: 

Sort code: 30 12 04 A/C number: 01190517

• Ham Hock and split pea terrine with sweet piccalilli. Ciabatta crostini and rocket salad
• Spiced roasted butternut squash soup topped with parsley crème fraiche served with a warm roll (gluten free and vegetarian)
• North atlantic prawn salad, lemon cracked black pepper mayonnaise with harvester bread
• Melon dish (vegan and vegetarian, gluten free)

Mains (all served with seasonal vegetables)
• Traditional turkey roast served with sage, cranberry and onion stuffing, pigs in blankets, topped with parsnip crisps and roasted potatoes
• Chargrilled salmon fillet served on a Galette potato with a thai sweet chilli and ginger sauce (gluten free)
• Mediterranean vegetable risotto topped with parmesan shavings and rocket (vegetrarian)
• Stuffed sweet bell pepper, Cajun rice, pesto and olive oil dressing (Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free)

• Christmas pudding served with brandy custard (gluten free)
• Belgian chocolate tart served with vanilla Ice Cream
• White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake served with a melba coulis
• Vegan – The golf club is open to suggestions 🙂


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Five valleys walk/run, this Sunday, 30th.

5-Valleys Walk/Run/Jog for Meningitis Now is this Sunday, 30 September. Tickets can be booked in advance at…/five-valleys-walk-2018-boo…/

We will be leaving from the Nailsworth checkpoint at 8.30am (there is no longer a checkpoint at Wycliffe where we used to begin), and there is free parking as shown on the map: if you park next to Tesco I think you need to use the upper car park.  (Map below.)

We will travel at the speed of the slowest person so no-one will be left behind. The full distance is 21 miles but there are buses to return people to the start if they have had enough.

And the weather forecast is good!

Judy Mills

PS Posted by Steve Dimond for Judy, and I can confirm that the scenery is glorious on the five valleys, and the company will be good.


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The TRC Christmas Party

Please read this message from our party organizer Suzy Cundy.

***** Christmas Party Vote Result ******

By 38 votes to 11 the decision was for 5th January 2019.

So to ensure we don’t lose this date we need to give the golf club our commitment, so we need to get names down of who will be coming (partners welcome).

To have “exclusive” use of the party room we need to have a minimum of 70 people, we managed over 80 last year. Let’s see if we can get more!

Now comes the boring bit….. we need to secure this date with a £10 deposit from each person which needs to be paid ASAP either by cash or bank transfer.

I will bring a sign up sheet Tuesday and Thursday.

Thank you


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With the 3rd and final race of the summer handicap series coming up on this Thursday 16th August the handicaps that will be applied have now been posted on the race page.  You will be able to see how much you will have to beat your rivals by or how close to keep them for your position.

Remember that it is your 2 best times added together that will give your series time for the final results.  So, everyone who has raced before, even if just once, has a chance for a position.

If you are not happy with your handicap then say beforehand, not after, but you will be referred to how far ahead, behind you were to others in the previous 2 races.  Basically, give it a go, try and beat someone, be quickest round, hold on to a lead, just enjoy it and someone will win.

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