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Liam Jones


Some you may already be aware, but one of our members, Liam Jones died on the 13th of April.   He was a young man of 33 and struggled with mental illness for many years. From talking to him, I think he found running beneficial to his mental health and was always a strong supporter of others in the club, sometimes cheering them on in races. He also took part in many races and helped in our own races, becoming a ‘master of parking’ !  In more recent months he hadn’t been active in the club and according to the justgiving webpage detailing his death, was struggling with alcohol addiction.

His mother has set up a justgiving webpage in support of calm, an organisation trying to raise awareness of suicides in men. If you do wish to support this cause please go to here

On behalf of the running club, I will send his mother a card with our condolences and we will also as a club be making a donation to the justgiving appeal.