Tea Rota

The weekly tea rota is published in advance and a reminder sent in the weekly -e-mail.

If you are unable to make your date please find a replacement and  contact Richard 01454 419747 richard.illingworth1000@gmail.com


  1. Don’t forget to bring some milk – very important.  1 litre is the recommended measure.
  2. You’re in luck.  Val sets it all up for you so the tables will be out with the cordials already done and the urn on the boil and cups and biscuits set out.  All you have to do is keep the urn boiling.  It is recommended to turn it off during announcements but don’t forget to turn it back on afterwards.  It has been known for someone to forget.
  3. When everyone goes out you will be on your own for an hour or so, guarding all the belongings left behind, so bring something to read or otherwise occupy yourself unless you like staring at a blank wall.
  4. Make the tea for the first ones to return and keep it going.  If you need extra teabags, cups or something you can’t see then look in the cupboard.
  5. When it’s all finished empty the kettle in the toilets sinks and dispose of the teabags.  Swill the kettle clean.  Val will help or do most of the cleaning up and shut everything in the cupboard.  Aren’t you lucky?  Leave the urn.


For runners of all standards