Rules & Constitution




Following the January 2018 AGM the membership fees have been changed and the membership year now starts from 1st April. See the membership pages for more details of the fees and types of membership.

Family membership is restricted to members of a family who normally reside at the same address.

Applications for Junior membership (under 18 years) will be accepted only as part of Family membership. Junior members must be accompanied by a responsible Adult family member in all Club activities.

2.         CLUB NIGHT

There will be a Club Night on Thursday evenings from 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. at the Leisure Centre, Thornbury .  There will be at least one Committee member or appointed Club member present to organise Club Night.

6.45 Start The Leisure Centre
7.00 Club announcements
7.15 –  8.15 Exercises & Group Training Run (routes planned & organised by the Club Captain or his/her delegate)
(from) 8.15 Refreshments & social
8.45 – 9.00 Clear premises

Any routine costs incurred in running Club Night (e.g. for hire of premises & tea/biscuits) may be wholly or partly recovered by the levy of a charge on participating members. From April 2018 these are added to the annual membership fee.

Members may invite guests to Club Night.  New joiners/guests will be allowed four visits free of charge, after which they may decide or not to join. A register of Club attendees will be made available on a Club Night for members and non-members to sign.


The Club may organise other sessions from time to time for athletic or social purposes.

There are regular effort training sessions on a Tuesday evening (7pm the Thornbury Leisure Centre) and on a Sunday morning (meet at the Scout hut car park near Castle School at 8.30 am)

Swimming sessions also take place at the Thornbury Leisure Centre (times vary, ask at Club Night). In addition during the summer months, cycling is arranged on a Monday.  This is usually a ten -mile fixed route.

Social events are organised for all Members from time to time throughout the year. 


The Committee will aim to organise the following open events, circumstances permitting, in each Club Year:

a)      a shorter distance event, e.g. 5 miles or 10 kilometres, in Spring/Summer;

b)      a longer distance event, e.g. 10 miles, in Autumn;

c)      a multi-terrain race in the Winter. 

It is a condition of membership, as specified on the application form, that Members undertake to take part in the rota for helping at Club-organised races for marshalling or for other duties. Members should understand that if called upon then they will be expected to help.

The Club Captain will maintain a register of events, local and national, which may be of interest to members.  Any number of Club Members can usually be entered as a team, although the rules of any particular event may allow only a limited number to score in the team competitions.

In events where the number of entrants from any particular club is limited, the Team Captain is responsible for selecting the Club Team.

Club Members who are interested in competition will be encouraged to enter events as members of a Club Team, or as individuals representing the Club, according to the rules of each particular event, and they should give this priority.


The Committee will aim to organise the following restricted Club events, circumstances permitting, in each Club Year:

a)      a handicap race (or series of races) for individual Club members in the summer, competing for the Terry Morgan cup.

b)      a handicap race (or series of races) for individual Club members in the Winter.

The rules and scoring for these handicap events will be determined by the Organiser and published in advance. Results will be made available to the membership.


The Club may decide to hold Championships to determine and recognise the leading qualifying Members at any event (or series of events) in each Club Year.  Championships may be held for the following events:

(1)                 Cross-Country – Male (outright and age-adjusted winners)

(2)                 Cross-Country – Female (outright and age-adjusted winners)

(3)                 Road Race Championship (Male, Female – outright winners will receive the TRC Road Race Championship Trophy)

(4)                 Road Race Championship (Male, Female – age-adjusted winners)

The outcome of any Club Championship shall be recognised as follows:

a)       The Rules and scoring for these Club Championship events will be determined by the Organiser and published in advance. Results will be made available to the membership.

b)       The winner will receive a perpetual trophy to be held for one year.

c)       The winner will receive a personal trophy for retention.

d)       A permanent record of all Championship winners will be maintained on the Club website.


The overall winners will be determined by the following rules: 

1)       The first Club runner to finish in each qualifying event will receive 25 points; the second will receive 24 points, and so on. 

2)       Qualifying events are the Gloucester League and may include the County and Regional Championships.

3)     For each runner, the results from not more than three events will count towards the total. 

The outcome of each years Cross-Country Championship shall be recognised as follows:

a)       The Rules and scoring for these Club Championship events will be determined by the Organiser and published in advance. Results will be made available to the membership.

b)        The winner will receive a perpetual trophy to be held for one year.

c)       The winner will receive a personal trophy for retention.

d)       A permanent record of all Championship winners will be maintained on the Club website.


Thornbury Running Club is affiliated to England Athletics (South West Region), and may be allocated guaranteed entries in the London Marathon each year.

Any Club Member who wishes to be considered for a Club place must provide the Club Secretary  with the following within 2 weeks of the date of receipt of failed entry:

  •  A copy of their London Marathon rejection letter/e-mail following the ballot as proof of failed entry 
  • Answers to the criteria 1-8 listed below under Procedure.

All such applicants will be considered by the appointed Sub-Committee (see below).  An order of preference for allocation of places will be determined by the procedure (see below) in the sequence defined below.

The final allocation of place(s) will be announced at a convenient Club Night allowing the recipient sufficient time to train for the event.


Preference shall be given to a person based on the following criteria applied in the sequence shown:

  1. Whose application through the normal channels was rejected
  2. Who is a fully paid up member Full Adult or Family Member of the Club for at least 2 years prior to application
  3. Who is individually affiliated to England Athletics through the Club for the current and preceding year
  4. Who has not been the recipient of a Club place
  5. Who is a regular active member of the Club (attending Club Nights etc.)
  6. Who is considered to have made the greater contribution to Club activities (athletic, social or organisational), preferably within the preceding Club year. Note: To assist the sub-committee in making their decision, applicants are advised to list the ways in which they have contributed to the Club activities – athletic, social or organisational
  7. Who has not previously competed in the London Marathon
  8. (if any remaining applicants have previously participated in the London Marathon) who has competed least recently  [date of last year run]
  9. If the above stages fail to differentiate between applicants, any remaining places shall be allocated by drawing lots. Note: the remaining applicants may, if they all agree, choose to use any mutually acceptable method of selection.


All applications will be scrutinised by a Sub-Committee consisting of three members, including the Club Captain, Race Director and one other, but excluding any member who has a direct personal or family interest in the allocation of entries.

9.       DRESS

For all events in which a Club Team (or Teams) is entered, members of the team(s) must wear Club colours wherever possible (sky blue top with red horizontal band and black shorts)

For all other permitted events (i.e. those run under UKA Rules), members are requested to wear Club colours wherever possible. 

10.       CLUB KIT

The Committee shall be responsible, as far as is practicable, for ensuring that vests and shorts in Club colours and other kit are available for purchase by members. 

11.       CONDUCT

In the event of cancellation of membership under Item 16 of the Club Constitution (Conduct), the Committee may agree to re-purchase Club kit in good condition at a price not exceeding one-half the original price. 


The Committee accepts no responsibility for any payment made by members for Club services unless documentary evidence exists for that payment, including the members name, the amount paid, the reason for the payment and the date of payment.


Any requests for payments or re-imbursements of monies must be made in writing to the Treasurer with appropriate receipts or other evidence. The Treasurer is responsible for accounting for the income & expenditure of the Club and for administration of the Club Bank Accounts. All cheques paid out must be signed by two Club Officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer)


The Club shall appoint a Committee Member specifically responsible for Safety and Risk Assessment. Any Safety issues should be brought to the attention of any Committee member for the appropriate action to be taken.  The Club will seek to be aware of any members that have First Aid qualifications in case of emergency. The Club will provide a stocked First Aid Kit available on Club Nights.


During Club activities it is incumbent on all Club Members to show due care, consideration and courtesy to other road users to ensure our mutual safety.  These principles also extend to consideration for private property when using public rights-of-way in off-road running. During Club activities all members are expected to wear reflective tops when out running on the roads during the hours of darkness. (The Club will provide reflective tops on loan for those members who forget). For participation in the Club Winter Handicap races all members must wear a reflective top. Also any members who are responsible for other members by leading or co-leading groups during the hours of darkness must lead by example and wear a reflective top. 

When running during the hours of darkness, group leaders must plan routes which are well-lit and where there are pavements along most of the route.

When running on road, runners should normally face oncoming traffic.  On sharp right-hand bends it is recommended to cross over well before the bend (when safe to do so), and return to face oncoming traffic after the bend.

The use of headphones is discouraged on on-road training runs and prohibited in on-road competitive events.


The Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury suffered as a result of participating in any Club activities.

Revised: February 2018

Angela Bushell (Secretary)


(Revised at AGM 25/01/18)


The Club shall be known as Thornbury Running Club, hereinafter referred to as “the Club”.


To promote an interest in running (as its primary objective) and in triathlon and related events for the residents of Thornbury and the surrounding districts.

To foster a spirit of fellowship and mutual encouragement between members of the Club.

To provide opportunities for Members to participate in organised competition.

To organise running, triathlon and related events in Thornbury.


The Club shall have a written Code of Conduct available – in accordance with UK Athletics (UKA) policy.


Any resident of South Gloucestershire or the surrounding area shall be eligible to apply for membership of the Club.  Applications from non-residents will also be considered.

All applications will require approval by the Committee.


The following classes of membership shall be available:

Honorary Member

Full Adult Member

Family Member (associated with an Adult Member & who is resident at the same address)

Student (18 years or over, in receipt of full-time education & NUS Card holder)

Junior (under 18 years only as part of Family Membership)

Second Claim Member

Associate Member (non-running)

The subscription for each class of membership shall be recommended by the Committee and be determined at the Annual General Meeting by a majority vote.

Subscriptions become due immediately after the Annual General Meeting and are for the Club’s Financial Year.

Any Member whose subscription is more than three months in arrears may, after Committee agreement, be suspended from the Club sine die.

The financial year shall be from 1st April to 31st March


a)            The general financial, social and administrative business of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a minimum of six Members and a maximum of 15 Members which shall include the CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY, TREASURER and CLUB CAPTAIN, and may also include a VICE CHAIRMAN.

b)            The Officers of the Club shall be the CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY and TREASURER, also the VICE CHAIRMAN where elected.

c)             Honorary Members may not serve on the Committee in any official or ex-officio capacity.


The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of a Register of all Club Members.

The Committee shall have the power to make or alter such Club Rules as they may, from time to time, deem necessary.

The custody of the equipment of the Club shall be the responsibility of a designated Member (or Members) of the Club, in accordance with arrangements made by the Committee.  The Secretary shall maintain an inventory of the equipment held.

Not less than six Committee Meetings shall be held in any Club Year.

The Chairman shall only vote when an equality of votes occurs at any Committee or General Meeting of the Club.

The Committee shall be empowered to form and to determine the mandates of sub-committees as considered necessary for the effective management of the Club.  Any sub-committee shall include not less than one Committee Member.

The Committee shall be empowered to offer Honorary annual or life membership of the Club to any former Member who is considered to have made a significant contribution to the activities of the Club.  In appropriate circumstances, Honorary annual or life membership may also be offered to individuals having no previous connection with the Club, but this will require the approval of a General Meeting.

The Committee shall arrange for Club news, activities and results to be communicated to the membership by all appropriate means.


The Annual General Meeting will elect the Officers and other Members of the Committee, who shall hold office for one Club Year.

The Committee shall have the right to co-opt additional Members who shall have no voting rights on the Committee.

No Junior Member shall be eligible for election as a Club Officer.


Not less than one Club Officer and three other elected Committee Members shall constitute a quorum at any Committee or General Meeting.


The Club shall be affiliated to one or more of the following organisations: UK Athletics (UKA), and any regional group charged with UKA administration for our area (South West and Avon AA); the Association of Running Clubs (ARC); the British Triathlon Association (BTA); the Ramblers Association.


An amateur is a person who abides by the eligibility rules of UK Athletics.


The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member whose subscription is twelve months in arrears, provided that a months notice in writing shall have been sent to the Members last known address by recorded delivery giving information of the proposed action of the Committee.


The Club Colours are as follows:

Vest:                       Sky Blue with Red horizontal band

Shorts:                   Black


The Annual General Meeting shall be convened sometime during the period 1st January – 28th February, and shall be advertised at Club Night, and by other appropriate means, at least 28 days before the Meeting.

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be advertised at Club Night and by other appropriate means at least 14 days before the Meeting.  It shall be convened by decision of the Committee or at the written request of at least 10 Club Members.  The meeting shall be held within 30 days of the request being received.

Proposals received less than 7 days before a Meeting will be accepted only at the discretion of the Chairman.

Honorary Members may attend General Meetings, but they have no voting rights.


The Committee shall control the finances, which shall be used solely for the furtherance of the objectives as stated in Paragraph 2 of the Constitution.

Club Bank Accounts will be held and the Committee will determine their nature and location.

The signatures of any two of the Club Officers shall be required to withdraw any monies from the accounts.

The Treasurer shall collect all Fees & Subscriptions as and when they fall due.

The accounts shall be audited by an independent auditor and presented to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee may take disciplinary action as considered appropriate against any Member whose conduct at organised athletic events or at Club Night or elsewhere causes offence to other Members or is considered to be prejudicial to the good name of the Club.  Disciplinary action may, in appropriate circumstances, extend to immediate cancellation of membership, in which case the Committee reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of any fees or subscriptions paid. The Committee may also take whatever legal action is considered necessary to recover monies owed to the Club by an expelled Member.


In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the Committee shall realise the property and the assets, call in all monies due and, after discharge of all liabilities where possible, hand any surplus to such charities as shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose.


The Constitution shall only be changed by a resolution submitted in writing to the Committee at least 14 days prior to a General Meeting.  No addition, alteration, or amendment shall take effect unless sanctioned by a two-thirds majority of the Members voting thereon.



(In accordance with the terms of UK Athletics Charter : December 2001)

1.         Membership Eligibility

Thornbury Running Club welcomes all new members, subject to Committee approval.  The Club and its membership does not discriminate on grounds of:

a              Race, colour or ethnic origin.

b              Gender.

c              Ability

d              Age: Applications for Junior Membership (under 18 years) will be accepted only as part of Family Membership. Junior Members must be accompanied by a responsible Adult Family Member in all Club activities.

2          Club Organisation

            Thornbury Running Club operates using democratic process with the following features:

a              A Club Committee democratically elected annually.

b              An Annual General Meeting.

c              Published Club Rules and Constitution.

d              Provision of a democratic forum whereby issues and complaints can be raised and addressed.  Resolution of such matters shall be in accordance with the published Club Rules and Constitution.

3          Club Primary Objectives

            Thornbury Running Club promotes an interest in running (as its primary objective) and in triathlon and related events for the residents of the town and surrounding districts, with the following key goals:

a              To foster a spirit of fellowship and mutual encouragement between Members of the Club.

b              To organise weekly runs / training sessions suitable for the needs of the membership.

c               To promote a friendly atmosphere with an active social calendar.

d              To provide opportunities for Members to participate in organised events.

e              To organise running, triathlon and related events local to Thornbury.

f               To promote safety and consideration in the conduct of Club activities.


4          Conduct of Each Member

To behave in a manner which is considerate to fellow Club Members, the public at large and the positive promotion of the Club, including:

a              To act in a safe and responsible way with consideration for other road users,  particularly with regard to safety and the wearing of visible clothing where appropriate.

b              To recognise and adhere to, boundaries dictated by both Public Rights of Way and private property.

c              To encourage and aid fellow Members, whether of lesser ability or in need of assistance.

d              When participating in organised events, approved by UKA, either as an individual or as a Team Member, to wear Club colours where possible.

 (April 2013, Rule 1 and 2 revised 20th Feb 2018)


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