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3rd November 2010

Christ The King Social Club

In attendance: Judy Mills (Chair), Mark Grimsey, Jacqueline Wadsworth,  Gareth Thomas, Rob Watkins, Jo Plumbley, Angela Bushell,  Craig Carscadden, Karen Carr and Janet Constable. 

Welcome and apologies: Apologies were received from Arthur Renshaw and Maddie Parrott

Matters arising from previous meeting (9th September 2010)

  • The Club had funded two teams in the Men’s and Women’s races at Clevedon, as agreed.
  • Discussions were continuing over the format of the Severn Walkway Relay. [Action: Deputy Chair]
  • Coaching seminars were now running successfully.
  • The Club Captain was working on ways to activate a forum and update the email list on the website.  [Action: Club Captain] 


Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer reported a current surplus of £683.  The final position for the OPS10 would be an overall loss, largely due to the cost of Portaloos (c. £690) and chip timing (c. £1000).  There was likely to be a small deficit for the year as a whole. The deposit account remained unchanged at £5175.  (The Stroud & Swindon Society had now been taken over by the Coventry Building Society.)

Given the low returns on the deposit account, it was AGREED that Craig Carscadden would investigate other possibilities of investing this money.  [Action: Craig Carscadden]  However, it was not considered unreasonable to have reserves of this size. 

The Committee AGREED the purchase of a larger tent for the XC teams, should this be needed. [Action: Treasurer]

It was also AGREED that while the £1 contribution by members on Club Night should remain unchanged, there should be a change in the current arrangement that non-members may attend Club Night for a mere 50p extra, and make no effort to join thereafter.  In future – with the exception of the occasional guest accompanying a member – non-members would be asked after 4 weeks to make a decision to join the Club or not.  This would operate from 1 January 2011, and  Club Rules would be amended accordingly.  [Action: Secretary]


Secretary’s Report

The Secretary reported that he had received 3 new and 1 other membership applications, as follows.

592 Stewart Iain
593 McInnes Becky
594 Eatherington Fiona
528 Horsfall Paul

These were APPROVED.

The Secretary reported that he had submitted his annual report to the Ramblers’ Association.

He had also applied for, and received, the Club’s place in the London Marathon, for which three applications had so far been received.  The Committee AGREED that the applications should be adjudicated in early December by a panel comprising the Club Captain, Deputy Chair and Craig Carscadden.  [Action: named]

The Secretary reported that he had received correspondence from UKA indicating that in future they would not be issuing plastic membership cards.  Instead, UKA members would receive their membership number via email.  Where there was no email address, these details would be sent to the Club Secretary. 

He had also received correspondence from David Goldring suggesting the Club might organise a girls’ continuous relay in the Thornbury Carnival.  Following discussion, it was AGREED that this was not a realistic possibility.  Firstly, the Club did not have a junior section.  Secondly, we already made a major contribution in the form of the Sundayshill 10k, which was now an official Carnival event and involved most active members of the Club.  Finally, this was a time of year when we were asking for numerous volunteers to cover other aspects of the Club’s activities such as the Cotswold Relay, the Severn Walkway Relay, etc. [Action: Secretary]


Justin Taylor, as Race co-Director, attended for this item.  Last minute changes required by the management at OPS meant that additional expenditure had been incurred this year, and space issues had arisen because of the loss of the hospitality centre at the last minute.  Despite these problems, the Race Directors had produced a highly successful outcome for competitors and were sincerely thanked by the Committee.

In discussion it was AGREED that, while we should continue to assume that OPS was the most likely venue for the foreseeable future, the Club ought to investigate other options e.g. Berkeley Power Station and Thornbury Rugby Club.  Justin Taylor and Gareth Thomas would lead on this and report back.  [Action: named]

It was also important to increase numbers for this race to ensure that it became financially viable.  This would require much more energetic and earlier promotion on the website.  The use of chip timing would also have to be challenged if this was inevitably to lead to a deficit.  [Action: Race Directors]


Captaincy issues

The Club Captain further explained her proposal, outlined in the previous meeting, to create a support structure for the captaincy.  The Club Captain would continue in a figurehead role in the Club, responsible for everything that happens on Club Night – the pace groups, routes, announcements, handicaps, away days, etc. S/he would be supported by a  Mens’ Team Captain and Women’s Team Captain whose role would be to take charge of the competitive running side of the Club, decide on target races, motivate and select teams for mob matches, relays (working with the CWR organiser) and cross-country (working with the two XC Captains).  This structure was AGREED.  [Action: Secretary, Club Captain]

Possible Club name change

The Committee considered a proposal to change the name of the Club to one such as ‘Thornbury Running and Triathlon Club.’  There was support for the general thrust of the argument that the Club title no longer reflected the diversity of our activities, but no agreement that this particular title was the appropriate one.  Discussion more widely within the Club might lead to general agreement on a new name.  [Action: Club Captain, Secretary]

Provision for 16-17 year olds

Reference was made to the recommendation of the last AGM that, ‘given the legislation covering the age category, there was an urgent need to create a structure and named group of members actively to supervise 16 and 17-year-olds who joined the Club.  This should be supported by a written policy and pro forma letters, prepared by the Secretary.’  There was still a lacuna in the Club’s provision in this regard, and if this could not be addressed the matter would be referred to the 2011 AGM, reviving last year’s proposal to refuse membership to this group without the attendance of parent or guardian. [Action: Secretary]

Annual General Meeting 2011

The date of the 2011 AGM was AGREED as 28th January.  It was further AGREED to recommend no change in the subscription levels for 2010-11.  Some initial discussion took place around the positions of Club Captain and Officers, to ascertain who was intending to stand down. [Action: Secretary]

Annual Dinner/Party

The Committee discussed a proposal to hold a social evening at the Ship Hotel in mid-February, in response to requests by a number of members to have a social event along fairly formal lines around that time.  It was made clear that this would not require any financial contribution by the Club.  The meal would cost in the region of £25, and there could be a disco or live music.  It was AGREED that if sufficient numbers wanted to arrange such an evening, that there was a willing organiser, and that the Club did not incur any cost, there was no reason not to proceed.  [Action: Karen Carr]

Christmas run

It was AGREED that the Club should subsidise members to the value of £3 each for the buffet after the Christmas run at Thornbury Cricket Club.  Non-members should pay the full cost of the meal (£5).  [Action: Treasurer]

Road Race Championship

It was AGREED that if the overall winner also won in the age-related category, the trophy in the latter category should be awarded to the runner-up in that category.  This meant that four trophies would always be awarded each year, but never two to the same person.  There was a need to clarify which of these trophies was/were to be the Dave Matthews prize. [Action: Janet Constable]

Steve Jones Memorial Trophy

The Committee discussed a proposal to award this trophy for the best marathon performance of the year rather than for the closed OPS10 race.  There was no majority for this view, so the current arrangement stands.

Gwent League bridge tolls

The Committee AGREED that the cost of these tolls should be refunded to team members travelling across the Severn Bridge to compete.  There should be no requirement for four occupants per car, given that family members often accompanied the competitors and sharing along these lines was not practical.  [Action: Treasurer]

Race reports and Club kit

Graham and Carole Bishop had indicated that they wished to relinquish these roles, and members of the Committee were asked to sound out colleagues who may take on these tasks.  Both Graham and Carole were sincerely thanked for their assiduous work over the years to provide these essential services to the Club. [Action: Secretary]

Any Other Business

  • The Committee discussed the criticisms being levelled at the operation of the pace groups on Club Night and concluded that there was a gross imbalance in the size of the groups, with the result that the largest group – through no fault of the leader – was often too slow for those at the front, while the next group up was too fast for them to join.  The current compromise, to provide additional ‘loops’ while basically keeping the large group together, was not a long term solution.  [Action: Club Captain]
  • The Editor of Prattle and Run was complimented on the quality of the newsletter, and the suggestion was made that the Club should now seek sponsors to cover the cost of publication.  [Action: Chair].

Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting will be 6th January at 9 pm.   [Action: Secretary]

Gareth Thomas,


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