Minutes – 25th August 2011

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25th August 2011
Christ The King Social Club
9:00 pm

In attendance: Gareth Thomas (Chair), Nigel Hale, Mark Grimsey, Rob Watkins, Angela Bushell, Karen Carr, Sarah Bradley, Judy Mills, Jacqueline Wadsworth and Jo Plumbley.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Jim Godden, Janet Constable, Craig Carscadden, Fiona Hunter and Liam Jones.

Approval of previous meeting minutes: The minutes were approved as an accurate record.

Matters arising from previous meeting (14th July 2011)


    Carnival 10K.

It was noted that Liz Dix has also volunteered to help organise this year’s OPS 10. Further discussion was held until discussed as a main agenda item.


    Severn Walkway Relay.

It is looking unlikely that Arthur Renshaw will be in a position to organise this event for September. The continuation of the Severn Walkway Relay is in some doubt. Since the meeting Arthur has offered to run this event on Saturday 29th October. Action: Arthur Renshaw


    Race Reports.

No further progress. Jo Plumbley said that she has been away recently but will now get this under way. Action: Jo Plumbley


    Road Race Championships

Bettina Broughton has said she will continue to process the results until the end of the year and will show Craig Carscadden how to use the software before handing over to him. Action: Bettina Broughton and Craig Carscadden


    Race Captain

Martyn Green will captain the men’s teams. Jacqueline Wadsworth was asked if she would like to captain the ladies teams. She preferred not to have the role of Captain but was happy to co-ordinate with the other lady runners. Action: Jacqueline Wadsworth


    Honorary Memberships.

The Chairman reported that he has written to Ed and Jean Hawkins to confer honorary membership.


    Gazette Sporting Supplement

The Chairman reported that we missed the deadline for submission, largely due to having insufficient time to co-ordinate a contribution with Hogweeds.


    Club Kit

The Chairman reported that Dorothy Thomas has received 20 Hoodies for sale at £25 each and is about to order 50 Ronhill vests which will sell at no more than £15 each.

Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer reported a current account balance of £5,366.23 and £53.26 cash in hand and deposit account balance of £5,188.36. There was a small deficit of income against expenditure of £286.49 since the opening balance. The main items of recent expenditure were new shelving and plastic boxes for kit storage at the farm (£303.72). The spending on the Summer Party was well within budget at £628. The income from Club nights has fallen during the past few weeks, due mainly to people being away on holiday.

The signatory list has now been changed, but we are awaiting written confirmation from Lloyds Bank before giving the go ahead to the new signatories.

Arrangement of on-line banking is also proceeding.

No further progress was reported on looking into putting deposit account funds into a higher interest bond.

Secretary’s Report
The Secretary reported that he had received 4 new membership applications, as follows:
623 – Elaine Corbel, 624 – Katherine Clune, 625 – Helen Williams, 626 – Steve Dimond.
These were APPROVED.

The Secretary reported that membership now stood at 159, which includes 27 new members, and that 30 members from last year have not renewed their membership. One member has resigned in order to join a Club nearer to his home.

There are now 58 members who have taken out individual membership of England Athletics.

Carnival 10K.
It was agreed that the change of name for this race has not been helpful and that entry numbers have not increased. The association with Thornbury Carnival may mislead some people into thinking it is a fun run, whereas it is an event to which we would like to attract the top runners in the area. It was agreed that the name of the race should revert to Sundayshill 10K – Organised by Thornbury Running Club.

TRC Aquathlon feedback.
It is crucial, but very time consuming, to get sponsorship as the pool hire costs £500 and the event needs to at least break even. The Committee agreed that the Aquathlon has been very well received and praised by the entrants. It was agreed that Sandra should be invited to the next Committee meeting to discuss planning for the 2012 Aquathlon.
Action: Secretary to invite Sandra Webber to the next Committee meeting.

Charity for 2012.
We need to start thinking about a charity for next year – the River Bank Rollick will be first money raising event. It was agreed that we should throw it open to ideas from The Club membership. The money raised for charity this year will be presented at a ceremony attended by the local Press at which a large format cheque will be handed over to a representative of the charity.

Action: Jo Plumbley to contact the local Press about the presentation ceremony.

Action: Rob Watkins to invite suggestions for a Club charity via The Club bulletin.

Race entry forms.

It was agreed that we should have a single format for all four of the club races and that the Sundayshill 10K should have on-line entry via Fabian4.

Action: Judy Mills to present a draft of the standard race entry format.

Opting in or out to be contacted by race sponsors.
It was agreed that race entry forms should have the following standard wording.
“Please tick the box if you do not wish your contact details to be passed on to the race sponsors.” Action: Race Directors, Judy Mills

On-line payment of fees.
It was agreed that race entry fees paid on line should be handled by an external organisation and an extra charge made for this service to be included in the entry fee.

It was also agree that Club members should be able to pay their annual subscription by direct transfer. This will require the application form to be amended to allow members to indicate they have paid by this method and will require the Secretary to provide the Treasurer with a list of members who have paid this way. Action: Treasurer

Kit storage at the farm.
The Chairman reported that the Club kit has been moved to a new building at Tom Cullimore’s farm. It is a more suitable building but is slightly less secure due to it being a little further from the farmhouse. A working party constructed some flat pack shelving, which is 6 feet high and has four or five levels of shelving each 2 feet deep. They have sorted out the kit and placed it on the shelving and in the new clear plastic boxes. The Committee expressed its thanks to the members of the working party; Gareth Thomas, Arthur Renshaw, Mick Stirrup and Jerry Clothier and also to Tom Cullimore for the use of his building.

Any Other Business

Turnberries changing room.
Mark Grimsey pointed out that there has again been no hot water in the showers for the last weeks and a number of members are unhappy about the situation.
Action: Secretary to request action by Turnberries

Web site and Facebook page.
Liam Jones has now been made Facebook page Administrator. There are still two Facebook pages, one of which is rarely visited.
Action: Sarah Bradley to contact Liam Jones to explain the Administrator function
Action: Sarah Bradley, Liam Jones and Mark Grimsey to get together to discuss the future direction of the Facebook page.

Christmas party at Thornbury Cricket Club. Karen Carr has booked Rosina Rowland for the catering on 15th December.

Club places at the London Marathon.
The Club is probably entitled to two places at next year’s London Marathon as we have 58 individual members of England Athletics.
Action: Secretary to contact the London Marathon organisers to claim our two places.

Club tent. Judy Mills reported that she is getting some options priced up. The cost, including the sign writing, is estimated to be £600.

Road Race Championship.
Jacqueline Wadsworth expressed her concern that the Road Race Championship may not be proving as popular as had been hoped and that by including a wider range of qualifying events it may attract more competitors. It was agreed that she would look at what other clubs are doing for their club championships.
Action: Jacqueline Wadsworth

Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting will be Thursday 20th October.

Nigel Hale,


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