Minutes – January 19th 2012


19th January 2012
Christ The King Social Club
9:00 pm

In attendance: Gareth Thomas (Chair), Rob Watkins, Nigel Hale, Mark Grimsey, Judy Mills, Jacqueline Wadsworth, Karen Carr, Jim Godden, Jo Plumbley.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Craig Carscadden, Fiona Hunter, Angela Bushell, Liam Jones and Janet Constable.

Approval of previous meeting minutes: The minutes were approved as an accurate record.

Matters arising from previous meeting (8th December 2011)

    Hammer Out donation

The Chairman confirmed that a £200 donation from the Oldbury Fun Run has been paid to Hammer Out, bringing the total amount raised to approximately £1300. A presentation ceremony at which the Chairman and Sandra Webber handed over a cheque was covered by the Thornbury Gazette with a photograph and article on the front page. It was agreed by all that this gave some very positive publicity to the Club and that a vote of thanks should be given to Sandra for the work she has put into the fund raising for Hammer Out throughout 2011.
Action: Secretary to convey thanks to Sandra.

    Charity for 2012 – PROPS

Fund raising for PROPS has already begun with donations received at the Riverbank Rollick. The Chairman asked the Committee to think about further ideas for fund raising and suggested that Sandra be consulted on how she raised funds for Hammer Out. Jim Godden offered to look at ways of raising money via Comic Relief. Karen Carr suggested holding a raffle for two tickets to the March social function.
Action: Secretary to include fund raising for PROPS on the agenda of the next Committee meeting.
Action: Jim Godden to investigate fund raising via Comic Relief

    Road Race Championship

Craig Carscadden has proposed that Club members can select any 5K, plus any10K plus any half marathon to qualify for entry in the Road Race Championship. The conditions are that it is a measured course and the time from the official race results (chip time if available) is submitted by e-mail to Craig. The Committee gave a vote of thanks to Craig for taking on the organisation of the Road Race Championship and to Bettina Broughton for the work she has done in the past.
Action: Chairman to e-mail Bettina and amend current rules for RRC

    Race Sponsorship

Judy Mills reported that discounts on vouchers are the preferred method of sponsorship by Sweat Shop (and other equipment outlets) as it is only worth their while sponsoring races if it brings more customers into their stores. The vouchers are coded so that they can calculate the value of sales made to people using the vouchers from a particular race. If the event does not bring in at least £500 worth of sales they will be reluctant to give further sponsorship to it. It was also noted that both Jan and Wilf Burke do a lot for the club and it would be unwise to endanger this relationship. It was therefore decided that we continue with the existing sponsorship arrangements.

    Race entry fees.

A high proportion of Rollick entries were received on-line. It was agreed that we continue to use Fabian4 for on-line entries for all future races. A supplement (60p would recoup the Fabian4 charge) will be charged.

    Event Tent

Judy Mills reported that the event tent had its first usage at the Rollick.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reported a current account balance of £5302.25 and deposit account balance of £5,197.01. There was a deficit of income against expenditure for the year of £403.73. The main reasons for the deficit were the extra spend on Club kit (which will be recovered when the kit is sold on Club nights), race equipment, summer party, mob match catering and Christmas party (high attendance this year). The outgoings are not expected to be as high in 2012 and income has got off to a good start with approximately £2000 income expected from the Riverbank Rollick. A vote of thanks was given to Dave Andrews for his excellent organisation of this event. The end of year accounts have been submitted for audit.

Secretary’s Report
No new members have applied since the last meeting. The end of year membership stands at 169 of which 34 are new members. An e-mail was received from Race Bristol detailing how clubs can get discounted entries to the Bristol 10K and half marathon by submitting block entries. Rob Cowlard has agreed to co-ordinate the block entries so that Club members can benefit from this deal. A further three months booking of Turnberries has been paid, the café being booked for every Thursday evening up to the end of March. The Club’s membership of Christ The King Social Club has been paid (144 members at £2.50 each plus 20 senior citizen members at £1 each giving a total of £380 – a similar amount to last year).

2012 Committee.
Rob Hopkins, Rob Cowlard and Liz Dix have agreed to join the Committee this year. One vacancy remains to be filled. Following the meeting Steve Selwyn has agreed to join the Committee.

The only item, so far, for the AGM on Friday 27th January, in addition to the reports from Club officials, is the new Club subscription.
Action: Secretary to send out last year’s reports to Club officials to use them as a template.

Social Event.
Karen Carr confirmed that the Ship Inn, Alveston, has been booked for the event on Saturday 3rd March and the cost will be £24 per head. The event has been publicised to the Club membership. This event will not be subsidised by the Club. Sarah Bradley will be responsible for the organisation of the event, with assistance from Karen.
Action: Sarah Bradley to co-ordinate with Karen Carr on the social event organisation.

Race Equipment.
The Chairman has discussed the issue of race equipment with Arthur Renshaw who is happy to continue maintaining the inventory list. The Chairman has agreed to liaise with Arthur and the Treasurer to ensure replacement equipment is purchased, with any major items being agreed by the Committee first.

Race Frequency Awards.
Judy Mills submitted a proposal for giving out awards to Club members based upon the number of race events at which they have represented the Club. The Committee agreed that it is a very good idea as it encourages more Club members to take part in races and provides the opportunity for those who regularly enter races, but do not get high placings in their categories, to be able to win something. The proposal to present gold, silver or bronze awards depending on the number of races entered, as proposed by Judy, was agreed. It was further agreed that Club races should be excluded, and that to qualify for such a award the member must run on behalf of Thornbury Running Club and wear Club kit when running.
Action: Judy Mills and Janet Constable to select suitable medals to order.

Any Other Business

Marshalling at Club races.
Mark Grimsey pointed out that the same people always volunteer to be marshals at Club races. New members should be encouraged to volunteer and those that have already marshalled some races many times should be encouraged to enter them if they wish.
Action: Secretary to ask Race Directors to pursue such a policy in recruiting marshals

Last Club night before Christmas.
Karen Carr reported that a few members had commented that the last Club night before Christmas is a bit of an anti-climax and that we should do something a bit festive such as having mince pies with the after run tea.

Social Page
Karen Carr pointed out that the Social page has disappeared from the Club web site. It was suggested that Sarah would probably prefer to use the Club Facebook page for this purpose.
Action: Sarah to create a Social page on Facebook if she considers it appropriate

Website banner.
Jacqueline Wadsworth pointed out that the “Celebrating 25 Years” logo is now out of date and should be replaced with something more appropriate such as “Running since 1986”.
Action: Judy to replace the logo.

Prattle and Run
Jacqueline Wadsworth expressed the wish that Prattle and Run should continue, published once every three to four months. She has offered to support Judy Mills by collecting reports from Club members (e.g. race reports from Race Directors). Judy is happy to collate the reports and publish the newsletter. It was also agreed that a few printed copies should be made available at Club nights.

Turberries booking at Christmas.
The Secretary commented that there was some confusion over whether Turnberries had been booked for the Thursday between Christmas and the New Year. As a reasonable number turned out to run, even though the café had not been booked, it was decided to book that evening in future years.
Action: Secretary to make a note.

Date of next meeting
The date of the next meeting will be Thursday 16th February.

Nigel Hale,

For runners of all standards