Minutes January 2011


 6th January 2011

Christ The King Social Club

7.30 pm

In attendance: Judy Mills (Chair), Arthur Renshaw, Mark Grimsey, Jacqueline Wadsworth,  Gareth Thomas, Rob Watkins, Jo Plumbley, Angela Bushell,  Craig Carscadden, Karen Carr and Janet Constable. 

Welcome and apologies: Apologies were received from Maddie Parrott.

Matters arising from previous meeting (3rd November 2010)

 Justin Taylor had submitted a proposal that the Club should establish a 10 mile course based on Rockhampton Cricket Club in case the OPS10 course should be unavailable at some point.  The run would start on the road outside the cricket club (exact location would be dependent on the accurate measuring of the course); the course would then run back towards Rockhampton, turning right at the Wheel towards Hill; all the way down to Hill and then right again heading towards Bevington and Ham. The runners would then eventually turn right at the T junction at the northern end of the Deer Park, following this road all the way to the A38. At the A38 they would turn right and then right again down Lower Stone Lane to the Rockhampton road, bearing left at the T junction back to the cricket ground. The finish area would then be set up on the access road to the cricket club.  It was AGREED that the Club should proceed to get this course measured, and could use it for the 2011 Steve Jones handicap to test it out.  [Action: Club Captain]

  • Discussions were continuing over the format of the Severn Walkway Relay (SWR). The Secretary agreed to take over the race directorship of the Sundayshill Carnival 10k in return for the Deputy Chair becoming race director for the SWR. [Action: named]
  • The Club Captain was working on ways to activate a forum and update the email list on the website.  [Action: Club Captain]
  • Given his hospital stay and recovery, Craig Carscadden had not yet investigated possibilities of investing the Club’s funds held in deposit.   [Action: Craig Carscadden]
  • No action had yet been taken on the purchase of a tent.  The Chair reported that she could supply two tall cabinets for the storage of tent and sail banners at the farm if necessary.  She would consult further with XC colleagues.  [Action: Chair]
  • The Marathon place had been awarded to Sue Taylor.
  • EA had reversed its proposal not to issue individual membership cards (from April 1st).
  • It was AGREED that it would be left to individual members to propose any name change to the Club at the AGM, given that the Committee was not unanimous on this issue.
  • Karen Carr confirmed that arrangements for the February dinner were in hand.


  • As AGREED in the last meeting, if the overall winner of the RRC also won in the age-related category, the trophy in the latter category should be awarded to the runner-up in that category.  This meant that four trophies would always be awarded each year, but never two to the same person.  There was a need to clarify which of these trophies was/were to be the Dave Matthews prize. [Action: Janet Constable]
  • There was general agreement that running groups on Club Night were now working much more effectively.
  • The question of sponsorship for Prattle and Run was pending.  [Action: Chair].


Treasurer’s report


The Treasurer reported a current deficit of £564, largely due to losses on the OPS10 (online pre-entries restriction, chip timing, portaloos) and the 2011 Riverbank Rollick income to date. The final position for the 2010 year was, however,  likely to be slightly better than this.

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary reported that he had received 5 new membership applications, as follows:  Tabatha Wilson (595), Adele Littleton (596), Nicola Bushell (597), Andy Hawkins (598) and Jo Hawkins (599).   These were APPROVED.

The Secretary reported that he had amended the Club Rules in relation to abandoning the £1.50 payment for non-members.

He also reported that he had written as agreed to David Goldring and had received a sympathetic reply.

Policy for 16-17 year olds


The Secretary presented the proposals for a policy and sample letter to parents that he had circulated before Christmas. With one amendment to the wording (regarding CRB clearance), these documents were APPROVED.  The policy document would be placed on the website.  [Action: Secretary]

Annual General Meeting

Committee members indicated their willingness or not to stand in the elections for the new Committee, and it was gratifying to see that there was likely to be some continuity, though there was a shortage of younger members.  It was AGREED to try to rectify this.  [Action: Secretary.]  The Secretary requested annual reports by on or around 21st January in time to copy and collate.  The format of the reports should follow those on the Club website,

Race reports and Club kit


No names had come forward in response to requests. The Committee expressed its sincere thanks to both Carole and Graham Bishop for their sterling work over many years to cover these two roles.  They had done so with enormous energy and commitment.

It was AGREED that with regard to race reports this would have to be done on an ad hoc basis if no-one came forward. 

Committee members would continue to look for someone willing to make kit available on Club Night.  [Action: All]

Support for training and development

It was AGREED that where development activities (e.g., coaching or other courses for volunteers) had been approved by the Committee in advance, normally at least one third of their cost should be met by the Club in cases where Avon AA would also be prepared to refund a third.  The Club member concerned would normally be expected to pay the remaining third. [Action: Secretary]

Charity donations

In response to a proposal by Sandra Webber it was AGREED that the Club should choose a different charity to support each year.  The precise amount of the financial contribution directly from Club funds would be determined by the Committee at the end of the financial year on the basis of our financial performance.  Individual members would also be encouraged to support the charity through the events they entered. The charity chosen for 2011 was Hammerout.  [Action: Secretary]


Race publicity

It was AGREED that the Club should seek to provide stronger promotion and publicity for our four open competitions by establishing the post of Promotions and Publicity Officer.  This would aim to provide better co-ordination in preparing and publishing materials, with an eye to attracting a bigger field for each of the races.  [Action: Deputy Chair]

Any Other Business


  • The Committee AGREED to a proposal by Pete Mainstone to fund the Midland XC entries (14 x £6).  Should members not subsequently compete, the Committee would consider whether or not a refund was appropriate  [Action: Treasurer]


  • The Committee discussed a proposal to provide transport for those members and their friends involved in the London Marathon 2011.  The general view was that this would not be viable this year,  The Hogwood model involved all those on their coach being delivered to a central London hotel, with which a price had been negotiated considerably in advance for the night before the LM.  The next Committee was encouraged to continue discussion of the issue of transport where large numbers of our members were likely to be involved in an event.  [Action:  Club Captain]


  • The Deputy Chair confirmed that he was organising the course for the TRC vs Chepstow Mob Match in 2011.  {Action: Deputy Chair]


Date of next meeting


The date of the next meeting will be decided by the new Secretary.   [Action: Secretary]

Gareth Thomas,


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