Reminder to wear fluorescent vests, plus Bicton Blister

As the days shorten, this is a reminder from Pete to wear fluorescent reflective vests when running in the evenings from now on. In the darker evenings we run round the roads with lighting, though some may go off road with head torches. The bright vests allow any traffic to see us more easily.

See you soon!

Thanks to all who helped on Sunday at the OP10 which went very well. There were 337 finishers including 10 club members. (See the photo on the Facebook Club page.) I’m sure John Watt will want to thank you more on Thursday.

Pete is proposing we take a coach to the Bicton Blister on Sunday 26th November. It starts and finishes on road, with the main running on the pebbled heaths of Bicton & Woodbury common, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Blister is 10 miles or the Lite is 4.5 miles. Personally, I’ve decided that sounds much better than going to the Mall for Christmas shopping.




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