Policy for 16-17 yr-olds


Policy for 16-17 year-old members

Thornbury Running Club is an affiliated member of England Athletics and fully subscribes to its Athletics Welfare Policy, which incorporates its child protection policy, namely to:

Accept the moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care for all people (including children) within the sport, safeguard their well-being and protect them from abuse

Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of people taking part in athletics including young people, disabled and/or vulnerable adults

Recruit, train and supervise its employees and volunteers to adopt best practice in all equality issues, to safeguard and protect young people from abuse, and themselves against false allegations

Require staff/volunteers to adopt and abide by the Athletics Welfare Policy and Procedures, Athletics Codes of Conduct, and Investigatory, Grievance, Disciplinary and Appeals procedures.

Respond to any allegations appropriately and implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals procedures.

The Club has a Youth Officer with extensive experience in this area.

In addition, approximately 10% of the Club’s members at any given time will have Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) clearance by enhanced disclosure, so that most of the groups on Club Night will include some such members.

A CRB check is only normally required if an athletics volunteer has ‘significant contact’ with the under 18s. ‘Significant contact’ can be defined as working in close proximity, on a frequent or intensive basis, with young people or vulnerable adults, thus having the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with them. In practice, it is unusual in the Club for repetitive one-to-one contact, and if that were to arise (e.g. in coaching), a qualified coach or coaching assistant would automatically have CRB clearance.

On receipt of an application for membership from a 16-17 year-old, the Club will send a letter to the parent or guardian (see model letter in Annex) setting out the measures the Club will take to honour its policy, and requiring the informed consent of the parent or guardian, as well as the commitment of the young person to behave responsibly, following the procedures laid down in that letter.  These cover not only Club Night but other activities (Tuesday track sessions, Sunday morning runs, handicaps, closed and open races, away days, etc).

Should other contingencies arise, the Club would expect all concerned to apply common sense.  16-17 year-olds are children in the eyes of the law, but can often demonstrate considerable maturity.  In a spirit of partnership with them, the Club is confident that it can create a safe and enjoyable environment for running.

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