Trophy Winners

Each year TRC awards the following trophies to members:

Cross Country:

The club first entered Cross Country when it joined the Gloucestershire Cross Country League for the 1987-88 season.   Due to its success and the desire to run more events  an application was made and accepted to join the Gwent League for the 1989-90 season with the club making its first appearance at the Barry race in the October.

The club has also entered County, Regional and National Championships as well as the now defunct Mike Sully Cross Country Race.

In order to award contribution as well as quality, the trophies are awarded over the whole season’s races with the best 6 scores counting for the totals.

In 2007, a further handicap trophy was added based on age, thus awarding those who are running best for their age.  This cannot be won by the same person who wins the over all trophy and is awarded to the 2nd runner if this happens.

Overall Male and Female Winner  – an award for the man and the woman who amass most points during the winter’s cross-country races.


2018 Rob Watkins

2017 Mike Willis
2016 Rob Hopkins
2015 Ashley Hodgetts
2014 Andi Davies
2013 Andi Davies
2012 Nick Langridge
2011  Garry Slater
2010  Ken Ham
2009  Bob Tyrrell
2008  Martyn Green
2007  Martyn Green
2006  Paul Shanahan
2005  Jim Godden
2004  Nick Langridge
2003  Nick Landridge
2002  Nick Langridge
2001  Nick Langridge
2000  Nick Langridge
1999  Nick Langridge
1998  Nick Langridge
1997  Nick Langridge
1996  Nick Langridge
1995  Nick Langridge
1994  Nick Langridge
1993  Nick Langridge
1992  Nick Langridge
1991  Nick Langridge
1990  Steve Crummack
1989  Steve Crummack
1988  Neil Howard


2018 Jo Emerson (Plumbley)

2017 Angela Bushell
2016 Ros Rowland
2015 Ros Rowland
2014 Fiona Eatherington
2013 Jo Plumbley
2012 Clare Watt
2011  Fiona Eatherington
2010  Catherine Ross
2009  Ros Rowland
2008  Emma Brown
2007  Ros Rowland
2006  Rachel Willis
2005  Ros Rowland
2004  Katrina Willis
2003  Katrina Willis
2002  Lorraine Croome
2001  Carole Bishop
2000 Jacqeline Wadsworth
1999 Carole Bishop
1998 Karen Mainstone
1997 Judy Nutting
1996 Judy Nutting
1995 Judy Nutting
1994 Judy Nutting
1993 Judy Nutting
1992 Janet Bolt
1991 Judy Nutting
1990 Judy Nutting
1989 Judy Nutting and Liz Mainstone
1988 Judy Nutting

Cross Country: Handicap Male and Female Winner  – as above, but the runners’ ages are taken into account when points are awarded.


2018 Nick Langridge

2017 Nick Langridge
2016 Mike Willis
2015 Nick Langridge
2014 Jerry Clothier
2013 Jim Godden
2012 Pete Mainstone
2011  Jim Godden
2010  Ken Ham
2009  Bob Tyrrell
2008  Nick Langridge
2007  Bob Tyrrell


2018 Angela Bushell

2017 Judy Mills
2016 Angela Bushell
2015 Clare Watt
2014 Ros Rowland
2013 Ros Rowland
2012 Ros Rowland
2011  Fiona Eatherington
2010  Ros Rowland
2009  Ros Rowland
2008  Judy Mills
2007  Ros Rowland

Terry Morgan Trophy  – presented to the winner of TRC’s Summer Handicap Series by the late Terry Morgan, one of the club’s first captains and a talented runner.

2017 Karen Carr

2016 Karen Carr
2013 Gemma Morgan
2012 Jeff Bolithio
2011 Mark Grimsey
2010  Sarah Bradley
2009  Clare Watt
2008  Pete Mainstone
2007 Emma Brown
2006  Jan Burke
2005  Jan Burke
2004  Jan Burke

Winter Handicap ‘Trainer’ – a trophy in the shape of a trainer (!), awarded to the winner of TRC’s Winter Handicap Series.

2014 – 2015 Rebecca Dunsford

2013-2014 Kevin Wood
2012-2013 Ross Turnbull
2011-2012 Romy Gill
2010-11 Mick Stirrup
2009-10  Rob Cowlard
2008-9 Mike Willis
2007-8  Hayley Sharman
2006-7  Mike Slade

Steve Jones Memorial Trophy the late Steve Jones was an accomplished runner and a loyal club member who served as treasurer for several years. His trophy is presented to the winner of the Steve Jones Memorial Race, a handicap race around the Oldbury Power Station 10-mile course, held each autumn and open only to TRC members.

2017 Nick Langridge

2015 Ros Rowland
2014 Hugh McPherson
2013 Mike Willis
2012 Arthur Renshaw
2011 Mark Grimsey
2010 John Scanlan
2009  Malcolm Carr
2008  Julie Lynch
2007  Garry Slater
2006  John Grimsey

TRC Road Race Championship 2017

Men’s Champion: Matt Johnstone

Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner:  Nick Langridge

Ladies’ Champion:  Clare Watt

Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner:  Clare Watt

TRC Road Race Championship 2016

Men’s Champion: Nick Langridge
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner: Steve Dimond
Ladies’ Champion: Ros Rowland
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner: Angela Bushell

TRC Road Race Championship 2015

Men’s Champion: Nick Langridge
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner: Mick Stirrup
Ladies’ Champion: Angela Bushell
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner: Jo Stirrup

TRC Road Race Championship 2014

Men’s Champion: Rob Watkins
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner:
Ladies’ Champion: Ros Rowland
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner:

TRC Road Race Championship 2013

Men’s Champion: Andi Davies
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner: Gareth Thomas
Ladies’ Champion: Ros Rowland
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner: Ros Rowland

TRC Road Race Championship 2012

Men’s Champion: Rob Cowlard
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner: Jim Godden
Ladies’ Champion: Angela Bushell
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner: —–

TRC Road Race Championship 2011

Men’s Champion: Nick Langridge
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner: Gareth Thomas
Ladies’ Champion: Ros Rowland
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner: Dorothy Thomas

TRC Road Race Championship 2010 

Men’s Champion: Rob Watkins
Men’s Age-Adjusted Winner: Nick Langridge
Ladies’ Champion: Trinity Booth
Ladies’ Age-Adjusted Winner: Trinity Booth

Helen Ralphs Memorial Award  Helen was a popular club member and when she died many members wanted to remember her, so this  trophy was given to the club by her partner Simon Preston, also a runner. He asked that it be awarded to a newcomer to the club who had made great progress and who had supported other newer members, as Helen did.  

2017 Sean Underwood

2016 Magda Johnson
2013 Rebecca Dunsford
2012 Steve Allen
2011 Clare Watt
2010 Liz Dix
2009  Selina Davies
2008  Angela Bushell
2007  Caroline Lansdown
2006  Debbie Cumber


Christine Hall Memorial Trophy  Christine was a longstanding member of the club whose favourite run was the Severn Way. The trophy was given to the club by her husband Bob, also a club member, and is presented to the winning team in TRC’s Severn Walkway Relay.

2011 Jo Plumbley’s Team

2010 Pete Mainstone’s Team

For runners of all standards