Club Night Sessions

The club meets on Thursday nights and, after a coach led dynamic warm up, offers 6 different groups to join in with.

The idea of having groups at different levels means that you can join in at a level that suits you.  But the general idea is that, for new or improving runners, you can move up the groups until you reach your natural level.

It also means that for runners returning from injury or illness they can rejoin at a slower pace and move up again as they recover their form.

The fast group

This is for the fast boys and girls.  Running at around 7 minute miling they will cover 7 – 10 miles in a session.  If you are into trying to improve your PB or challenge at the top of the club then this is the group you should be aiming for.

The tempo group

More of a steady run with less time for regrouping, this is at 7 and a half to 8 minute miling.  Sometimes, it will include some efforts or formal training methods such as a back to front chain.  The group covers 6 – 8 miles per session.

The medium group

This is a bridge between the slower group and tempo group, running around 8 minute miling.  The group covers 6 – 8 miles per session.

The slower group

Run at a slower pace with plenty of time for regroups and covering about 4 to 6 miles.

The walking group

This is a brisk walking group (not too fast) and will help get you up to speed without causing unnecessary injury. It is run by an experienced walker, with walks lasting no more than an hour. Any members, friends or relatives are welcome. Normal membership rules apply.


For those who want more formal coaching on Thursday evening, this group offers various efforts training such as intervals, hill training up the golf club road or timed efforts. There are also coaching sessions on Tuesday evening – see “Coaching” under the training heading.

Sunday runs

We also meet for longer runs on Sunday mornings at 8.30am in the small car park opposite The Castle School and Manorbrook School, next to the Scout Hut. There is no charge. These runs continue throughout the year, come rain or shine (also at no extra charge!), and are usually led by John Grimsey who keeps you up to date here and with announcements on club night.

These are typically “steady” and social rather than fast, to build up endurance. They are very good for those planning longer races such as half or full marathons. They are not usually shorter than 10 miles but routes are circular so there are always short cuts back for those who like the company but not the full distance. Conversely, some runners from the group may choose to continue further.

There may also be other informal groups going out at the weekend, e.g. at Wotton-under-edge, and also cycle rides. These are announced on Club Night.